It’s Time to Repeal the President’s License for Endless War

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      Under the auspices of two laws that are now nearly 20 years old, the 2001 and 2002 AUMFs, the United States is militarily engaged in 80 countries, outside of the public eye and with little congressional oversight. The past four years have seen the Trump administration cite these laws as the legal justification to assassinate a foreign government official and take us to the brink of war with Iran, expand the U.S. military footprint in the African continent and indefinitely occupy eastern Syria.

      Yet the past four years have also seen a growing recognition in Congress that—in order to rein in our excessive and reckless war-making—we must repeal these laws and reclaim the legislative branch’s sole constitutional authority to declare war. Last year, that momentum culminated with the House of Representatives passing my amendments to repeal the 2001 and 2002 AUMFs in the defense appropriations bill and National Defense Authorization Act, respectively.

      Continuing to build on the momentum, the House Appropriations Committee recently passed my amendment to repeal the 2001 AUMF 245 days after enactment of the legislation providing Congress ample time to debate and vote on any new authorization. Keeping this pressure on the Trump administration is not only important to show that Congress will guard against the president’s ability to escalate endless war during his remaining time in office—it also helps frame the debate for a potential Biden administration.

      Another important development that serves to frame future action is the Democratic platform committee’s adoption of the Democratic platform. As a member of the platform drafting committee, I supported language acknowledging the widespread agreement within our party that we must repeal these decades-old authorizations, and that a replacement must be within a narrow and specific framework.

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      So needs to be done NOW, which is unlikely.   Given how much of the Democratic Party, and Congress, is beholden to the MIC.  Also, the Democratic Party platform is where progressive ideas go to die.  Or sit, unused, for campaign purposes, until expunged completely.  Barbara Lee is correct, but I doubt many of the Vichy Dems would join in that effort.  Especially if Biden is elected.

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      Of course the 2001 AUMF needs to be repealed! The thing is, neither party ever wants to do so when its guy is in the White House, and Congress in general wants to avoid its responsibility for declaring war because that exposes individual congresscritters to political attack in their home states and districts.

      It would probably take a President to push a repeal through, and neither Trump nor Biden’s puppetmasters have any intention of doing that.

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      if laws like these have any useful purpose at all, they should include sunset provisions.

      repeal the authorizations as soon as possible.


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      And every year it fails. There simply is no political penalty to be paid for supporting endless war. Until that changes (and I don’t ever see it changing until we collapse completely), expect forever wars to continue.

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      They could have done this when President Speeches and Lectures was in office but didn’t. The democrat party isn’t serious about this and Barbara Lee knows it.

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