“It’s Your Boy Ice T” trying to rip off the public

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      This ad is on a million times a day. Car Shield is rated F by the Better Business Bureau. Shame on you Ice.


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      ….so the sellout tendencies were already present.

      Damn shame, because the songs are still relevant today. Probably even more than when he wrote them.

      "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". - John F. Kennedy

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      Ice T grew up mostly in the upper middle class, so I figure he was a sell-out from day one, like a lot of other upper-middle-class black guys who became rappers because (1) they were connected and (2) it paid well.

      Selling out black youth to promote the image of black americans as ghetto-dwelling misogynist drug-dealing obscenity-spouting gangsters with lots of money.  And not only black youth, youth generally.  That’s been the ‘youth’ culture for more than 30 years, a couple of generations.

      His white (Serbian immigrant) wife the swimsuit model/lite porn actress is likely more ‘ghetto’ than he is.

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