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Home Main Forums General Discussion Ivanka Trump To Receive White House Office, Security Clearance – ABCNews

  • WillyT (10694 posts)
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    Ivanka Trump To Receive White House Office, Security Clearance – ABCNews

    Ivanka Trump To Receive White House Office, Security Clearance – ABCNews



    President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump will receive an office in the West Wing of the White House and a security clearance as she serves, informally, as an adviser to her father, ABC News has confirmed.

    Ivanka Trump will not be considered a federal employee and will not draw a salary, but will receive a government-issued communications device, in addition to her office, “to protect government records and any information to which she may have access,” according to senior White House officials and sources close to her. Her clearance will allow her to receive classified information.

    The 35-year-old Trump is her father’s second child. She worked as an executive vice president for the Trump Organization and ran an eponymous fashion brand prior to her father’s election in November. During the transition, she resigned from her position with the brand and restructured her participation in the family business.

    Officials noted that she will “follow the same ethics restrictions that apply to government employees.”



    More: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/ivanka-trump-receive-white-house-office-security-clearance/story?id=46263737



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9 replies
  • roguevalley (2343 posts)
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    1. Professionals must be shitting themselves. Though, she apparently tries to

    moderate his excesses. What a cartoon country we are.

    Be love. Be light. Fear is the only darkness. Love is the only light.
  • NV Wino (5856 posts)
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    2. I know…

    Let’s put a trailer outside daddy’s office. Maybe a couple so the boys can move in, too.

    Resist-sm_zpswfchkz8t “As we act, let us not become the evil that we deplore.” Barbara Lee  
  • Jefferson23 (7274 posts)
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    3. Looter gets her own office…nice.

    • TheNutcracker (1549 posts)
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      4. Looter? Explain….

      • Jefferson23 (7274 posts)
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        5. She is there to reap every monetary advantage she can for the Trump empire.

        She is a cover for many of her fathers bullshit policies, to put a gentile spin on him..she has been doing this actively since the campaign.

  • oldandhappy (4078 posts)
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    6. Perhaps she is the one that knows how to read

    My suspicion is that she will be the authorized reader.  If the president is a slow reader and finds it difficult to take in a lot of information, maybe she will be scanning documents and giving him the gist of what she reads.  He seems to trust her more than anyone else.  She and Fox and now our national filters!

    Invest in people.  Seek TRUTH.
    • Cleita (2769 posts)
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      9. But does she understand what she's reading?

  • Ferd Berfel (5759 posts)
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    7. By the time Trump is gone

    There will be nothing left of our economy or democracy.

    …and you think you’re going to stop this simply by ‘pulling a lever’, in a booth, behind a curtain, every 2 years? - Know yourself. And if you need help with that, call the FBI. -  There is only ONE solution to this mess:  New Party !  
  • Cleita (2769 posts)
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    8. Isn't there a precedent for this?

    Didn’t Hillary Clinton spend a fair amount of time meddling in Clinton’s administration? At least she talked about how meetings were conducted in the Oval Office like she was there. Or was this another one of her disingenuous fantasies?