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    At first glance, it might seem strange to abandon the winning candidate for “pragmatic” reasons, but I have my suspicions as to why a lot of people who should know better are doing it right now. I suspect it has something to do with caution, or at least the professional credibility a writer gains by appearing to heed such caution. Call it “pressimism” if you want, but journalists are generally treated as more judicious when they aim low during times of crisis (it was one thing to support Bernie when we all thought Hillary would win, but now we have to get “serious” and stump for a shitty candidate, lest the New York Times think you too idealistic). Pressimism is regarded by the industry not as cynicism, diffidence, cowardice or even just plain poor judgment, but as prudence. I call it hedging your bets. But since we have a real shot here, it’s time to keep the faith and go all in. Otherwise, 1) No one will ever let you forget it; and 2) you’ll have to spend years eating crow.

    And for the love of God, learn to exercise your scoffing muscles. Don’t get drawn into show-trial debates when someone is obviously merely attempting to defame, discredit, or otherwise malign the Sanders campaign. Yes, there are guileless and gentle souls who might voice concern about Sanders’ prospects, policies or appeal to women and minorities, and with those people we have conversations. Kindly, confidently and thoroughly we explain, over and over, again how Bernie Sanders is the best candidate for the working class — and we then spell out, with the same saintly patience, that this means all of the working class. But as for the liberal media, and for those who would disingenuously invoke identity politics to attack the socialist, just remember the magic words: “I know what you’re doing right now and it doesn’t work on me.” Remember, they’re trying to trip you up, wear you down, and waste your precious time. (Luckily, they’re utter clowns; elite whiners who pout that everyone is being too mean to them and to their favored milquetoast candidate.) The hit pieces against Bernie have already started to pour in, and we cannot concede a single inch to bad-faith liberals. Steel yourselves against the pseudo-progressive manipulation tactics and moral blackmail that put you on the back foot.

    Fellow soft-handed scribblers, if indeed you are a socialist first then indeed you must be a contrarian pundit second, and this is your one opportunity to drop the professional artifice of “constructive criticism from the left” and choose socialism over media strategy. There are no “impartial” spectators on this one; only partisans and compradors. This is not some college debate where you get extra points for novelty and precocious dissidence, and it’s not some office pool where heated but distant speculations on the tournament are an amusing pastime with colleagues around the water cooler. This involves nothing less than the real, live fate of every single person in America (and most people outside of it).

    If you have strayed, all is forgiven, but you better come to Jesus right now, because memories are long and history judges the cowardly squish far more harshly than the honest enemy. And you can’t say that no one was there at the time to tell you that this was it, that this was the pivotal moment where you had to make the right choice.

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    love the sub title to the article

    “Don’t listen to the media and think tank clowns — it’s still Bernie.”

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    Bernie Sanders Rally – A Message of Hope

    Bernie Sanders Rally – A Message of Hope

    One of the things that really sets Bernie’s campaign apart from any others is the sheer diversity of his crowds, and this event was no different. I was surrounded on all sides by people from all walks of life: straight, gay, white, black, brown, young, old, and everything in between. All of them had come together for this, to hear the message of hope and real change that Bernie Sanders represents.

    All around me were fields of signs with Bernie’s name on them. Cheers and chants rose and fell throughout the day, from simply chanting Bernie’s name to voicing the grievances that so many have felt in these recent years. At one point, the crowd gave voice to their frustration and anger at ICE, the agency responsible for so many disastrous raids all over the country. Their chants to abolish this unnecessary and fascistic agency were deafening, and I joined in with equal enthusiasm.

    I’ve heard Bernie’s speeches before, on the news. I’ve watched videos of him speaking on the floor of the Senate. But it’s an entirely different experience hearing it in person. I had a good spot in the crowd and was lucky enough to be able to see him clearly on the stage as he addressed us all. I can tell you first-hand that any concerns about his health vanished instantly. The man is back and in a big way.

    He spoke about the same issues he’s been talking about his entire career. Inequality. Racial injustice. Healthcare injustice. Housing injustice. He spoke about all the ways in which our corrupt system is set-up to make sure the wealthy stay in power and everyone else stays at the bottom. And he spoke, of course, on how we can change that.

    Towards the end of his speech, he made it a point to tell all of us to look around at ourselves. To see how diverse we were. He called on us all, individually, to pledge that we were prepared to fight for equality and human rights for the strangers beside us, even if we ourselves were relatively well-off. The answer was deafening. I think I screamed myself hoarse and I know I wasn’t the only one.

    Jesus: Hey, Dad? God: Yes, Son? Jesus: Western civilization followed me home. Can I keep it? God: Certainly not! And put it down this minute--you don't know where it's been! Tom Robbins in Another Roadside Attraction

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    Jacobin’s tankies and state capitalists are the authoritarians who give socialism bad name and RW propaganda weapons against genuine socialism, which is libertarian socialism. UBI would be a game changing step towards free and caring society and liberation from class society.


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    It still is Bernie.  That is correct!  No matter who endorses Bernie.

    Yang having to be told to not  penalize Social Security recipients, and Yang penalizing safety net recipients,  told me all I need to know about Yang.  Again, if Yang actually managed to get that UBI though Congress, IMO it would be gone after a short while, but the QUITE REGRESSIVE VAT would always be with us.

    Anyone who asks, or thinks they can order me, to vote for a Democrat who is not Bernie can fuck off.

    Nope. If Bernie is not on the ballot, Green it is.

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