Japanese told to turn off lights to save energy amid Tokyo heatwave

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      Sozaki advised households and businesses to turn off lights not in use and limit air conditioner use, although he added that people should guard against heatstroke.

      The economy and industry ministry said people living in the region serviced by Tokyo Electric Power [Tepco] should conserve energy, especially when demand peaks in the late afternoon and early evening. Reports said reserve generating capacity risked dropping as low as 3.7% in Tokyo and the surrounding region at that time; below 3% risks power shortages and blackouts.

      Kaname Ogawa, the director of electricity supply policy at the ministry, said electricity demand was higher than expected because the temperature had exceeded Sunday’s forecast. “We are struck by unusual heat for the season,” Ogawa said. “Please cooperate and save as much power as possible.”

      Much of Japan would normally be experiencing less uncomfortable temperatures during the middle of the rainy season. But on Monday, the agency declared the season had ended – the earliest date on record – in the Kanto region, which includes Tokyo.

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      In the 90’s, working there, I would go to work on the first subway of the morning, at 7, less crowded, and by the time I used two subway lines  and a fifteen minute walk to get to the office, I would be soaking wet.  No one else would show up until 8:30 or so, and I would dry out my jacket and learned how to turn up the air conditioning so I would at least seem cool by the time everybody else came in.  Also, you do not want to know how weird and uncomfortable a Toto toilet seat which has the “warm” feature permanently on because the switch is broke, is, in the summer.  Kinda weird in the winter, too, personally speaking.   It would have been great in a Siberian winter, though, I suppose.

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