Jeff Weaver will not return as Bernie Sanders' campaign manager in 2020

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      Sen. Bernie Sanders will have a new campaign manager if he runs for president in 2020. Jeff Weaver, the longtime aide who led his 2016 bid, will not return to the role if Sanders enters the race, a source familiar with the planning process told CNN.

      Weaver confirmed in an interview that his position will be changing, most likely to senior strategic adviser to Sanders, who is being encouraged by supporters to enter the race soon. A decision is expected in the coming weeks or months. The move also underscores an understanding, both among Sanders’ close aides and outside backers, that the Vermont Independent will need a more robust infrastructure and diverse staff in order to reach or exceed the support he received during the 2016 contest.

      There is no clear favorite to replace Weaver as campaign manager should Sanders proceed as expected, but a source told CNN that the process of mapping out the infrastructure for a 2020 campaign is in advanced stages. Outside organizers are planning hundreds of house parties next week as a show of organizing might — and a nudge for Sanders to confirm his grassroots base of support remains committed.

      “For many months now there have been efforts to make sure the door is open should Sanders decide he should run for President,” the source said. “That involves preliminary conversations with a number of top-level people who might take senior roles in the campaign, including for campaign manager.”

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