Jesse Ventura on TJDS today at 6ET

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      Jesse was great, not the next MLK but still very solid.

      I think it’s fair to say he really does want to run, and thinks he could be a serious contender. But so far he isn’t due to the various technicalities involved. I for one plan to do whatever I can to help make it happen.

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      and a member of the Draft Jesse movement. Thanks for your post. Sign the petition.

      Fear not the path of Truth for the lack of People walking on it. - RFK

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        A petition with 1M signatures could have a strong effect on him wanting to take the leap. But 70K? Not looking great. So it’s a bummer that people will say “Hurrr.. he said he’s not running.” Just sign the damn thing anyway! It’s not like doesn’t have your email already.

        As far as keeping his job, I’m still struggling to find if either the FCC (equal air time) or FASA (foreign agent registry) are truly limitations, rather than simply requirements to be aware of and worked within. Unless there’s something else…?

        And of course we have the Green Party, or at least Howie Hawkins, who it seems prefer Jesse only as a sideshow so that Howie can keep himself as their main event.

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      Wow, thanks for posting this @Bernie4U !  I usually saunter over to my Youtube subscriptions (TJDS being one of them) right around 6pm but might have missed this. oughta be good, tho lately Jimmy strikes me as a tad more unhinged and fearmonger (w/Dylan Ratigan) than usual.

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