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    Jill Stein email: "Am I dreaming?" (Another strong Berniecrat is running)


    You’ve already heard about our first dreamboat candidate, Cheri Honkala, who is off and running and fighting hard – thanks to your generosity and rapid response. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for that!

    Now – like manna from heaven – here comes another powerhouse.

    In. Another. Winnable. Special. Election.

    Meet 26 year old Kenneth Mejia, Congressional candidate on fire.

    A Berner turned Green who’s taking California District 34 by storm, Kenneth’s ground troops are fired up and ready to change the world.

    Click here to help Kenneth send shockwaves through the political establishment by becoming the first Green in Congress.

    Out of 22 candidates, Kenneth was the only one with a ground game that enabled him to gather signatures to get on the ballot. All others had to buy their way on.

    Kenneth needs to raise an additional $15,000 by February 24th (bringing him to a total of $30,000 or more) to send mailers in time to mobilize his district for mail-in and early voting for the special election. He’s just about halfway there! If 576 people – among the thousands reading this email – can throw $26 into the hat, he’ll have the support he needs.

    Your donation for Kenneth now can make him the voice of the insurgency rising up in his district, and all around us.

    The son of a first-generation immigrant single mother, Kenneth worked hard in school, graduated college at age 20, and landed an accounting job in the finance world. Inspired by Bernie Sanders, he left his comfortable position to become a grassroots organizer in Los Angeles. He made his #Demexit after the DNC and is now leading the charge for young LA rebels joining the Green Party.

    Here’s the really exciting thing.

    The Democratic vote will be split in this election between a whopping 19 candidates. As the only Green competing against them in the same multi-party primary, he is positioned to win one of the top two slots. This would land him in the final round where he has a real shot at winning this district hungry for more radical, progressive representation.

    With hundreds of volunteers on board, Kenneth’s troops are already knocking on doors, phone-banking, and getting the word out as we speak. With your help, he is indeed positioned to win.

    You can support Kenneth from wherever you are by donating or signing up as a volunteer to phone bank!

    Since the November election, large numbers are continuing to #Demexit, according to a recent Gallup poll.  A Green victory in the heart of progressive Los Angeles would signify that the Green Party has arrived, and this is exactly where progressives should exit to.

    Thank you for giving whatever you can to jump start this game-changing campaign – a critical next step to create an America and a world that works for all of us.
    More than ever, it’s in our hands!

    Jill & Ajamu



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