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    Jill Stein email: TEST: Building the Resistance!

    With Donald Trump’s growing assault on human rights, democracy and the planet, millions are pouring into the streets, calling for an America and a world that works for all of us. Ajamu and I, and the Stein/Baraka Green team are right there with you, standing strong together for immigrants, the climate, women, human rights, Indigenous people, racial justice, democracy and peace.

    We will fight this Republican onslaught just as we resisted the Democrats’ neoliberal destruction that led to the Trump backlash in the first place – the offshoring of our jobs, Wall Street deregulation, bank bailouts, the assault on workers and more.

    In this growing turmoil, our grassroots voices are more needed than ever.

    So we wanted to update you on our continuing work to meet this crisis head on, redoubling our efforts for real democracy and a world that puts people, planet and peace over profit.

    The epic court battle we’ve been waiting for

    After a bitter and divisive election, over 10,000 volunteers and 161,000 donors demanded transparent and accountable elections by calling for a recount in three states with marked irregularities and statistical red flags. The recount effort exposed a voting system rife with problems – susceptible to machine and human error, tampering, hacking, and unconscionable racial disparities.

    We were met with legal, bureaucratic and political obstruction at every turn, despite alarming findings – like the widespread failure of voting machines in Detroit. Pennsylvania emerged as especially troubled – with unverifiable touch-screen voting machines, no paper backup, and a bureaucratic nightmare that denied thousands of citizens their right to verify their vote.

    We filed a lawsuit early in the recount declaring that Pennsylvania was failing to protect its citizens’ Constitutional right to vote. That suit has finally come up for a hearing. This is the epic court battle we’ve been waiting for – an opportunity not only to fix one state’s seriously marred system, but to score a major victory that would raise the bar for voting justice in every state. Stay tuned to hear how it develops. For a full update, click here.

    Join Ajamu and me in growing the Green movement across the country

    While Donald Trump lashes out against immigrants, the climate, democracy and more, Democrats are once again taking a pass on principled leadership. Party head Chuck Schumer lowered the bar by supporting the majority of Trump’s predator cabinet nominees. And the main contenders for DNC chair refused to disavow corporate and lobbyist contributions that keep the party under control by oligarchy.

    It’s more critical than ever that we continue building strong social movements and political resistance. Please join Ajamu and me if you can, to support this peaceful uprising in our communities across the nation!

    • February 17 – Washington, DC
      Ajamu and I will be speaking together on “Independent Politics: Fighting Fascism and Resisting Neoliberalism” with a cultural opening by Green Party Co-Chair Darryl! Moch. MC’ed by Esther Iverem, host of “On The Ground”, Pacifica station WPFW 89.3 FM. Click here for more details.


    • February 24-26 – Philadelphia, PA
      “Democratizing Elections and the Fight for Voting Justice” gathering in Philadelphia. Featuring Cheri Honkala (Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign), Richard Monje (Workers United),  YahNe’ Ndgo (cultural worker),  Ilann Maazel (PA Recount attorney), and yours truly. Click here for more details.


    • March 9-15: Jill Stein California Tour
      Join me as I tour across CA, with plans in the works for Eureka, Oakland, San Francisco, Bakersfield, LA, Orange County, and San Diego.


    • March 17-19 – Milwaukee, WI
      “Democratizing Elections and the Fight for Voting Justice” in Milwaukee. Details coming soon!


    Jill on Bloomberg TV: Trump humiliated by losing the popular vote

    Check out my interview on Bloomberg TV on Friday January 27th on Trump’s first days, moving beyond the two-party trap, and how to fix our broken healthcare system.

    Watch the interview here.

    Tune in to the Green News Network

    Want to cut through the corporate media spin and hear directly from resistance on the front lines? Join Ajamu and me, along with David Cobb, Green candidates and grassroots organizers for our regular programming on the Green News Network. Click here to explore Green News Network broadcasts on our Facebook page.

    As always, thank you for leading the charge for an America and a world that works for all of us. Hope to see you on the front lines.

    More than ever, it’s in our hands!

    Jill and Ajamu

    Jill Stein

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    1. I'm not a member of the Green party, yet, but

    If Jill is going to be one of the few people with national recognition to stand and

    fight for the people, I’ll support her.

    Living well is the best revenge.