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    Jill Stein email: The fight for voting justice is just beginning

    If we want to fix American democracy, we need to start with our broken voting system. That’s why we are committed to empowering the growing movement for voting justice across the country.

    Recount 2016 was just the beginning. Here are some of the exciting developments happening around the U.S.:

    Voting Justice and Democratizing Elections Conference in Philly – Feb. 25

    The struggle for fair and verifiable elections in Pennsylvania continues as democracy champions convene in Philadelphia for a groundbreaking conference on voting justice and democratizing elections! Movement leaders from around the country will present on recounts and election integrity, fair representation, voting justice, money and influence, ending voter suppression and more.

    Click here for more information. Over 250 have already RSVPed to this free event!

    Pennsylvania recount lawsuit moves forward

    As we recently reported, the Recount 2016 Initiative is continuing in Pennsylvania, where grassroots activists are still fighting to ensure that their votes are counted and verified. With the help of our legal team, we are directly challenging Pennsylvania’s unaccountable, anti-democratic election law regime as unconstitutional in federal court.

    To start with, initiating a recount in PA requires 27,474 voters in 9,158 districts to bring notarized petitions to county election boards, by arbitrary and sometimes unknown deadlines that vary by district. One court demanded that 100+ voters who petitioned for a recount post a $1 million bond. That’s almost $10,000 per voter!

    Outrageously, the vast majority of voters in Pennsylvania are forced to use machines with no paper ballot to verify the vote. According to experts, these “direct recording electronic” machines are antiquated, easily hackable, and simply unreliable. For example, more than 4,000 voters in Montgomery County, Pa. supposedly went to the polls and voted for no one, when in reality the machines discarded thousands of votes.

    On February 14, 2017 we filed to continue the recount lawsuit in U.S. District Court for Eastern Pennsylvania, highlighting these and other major issues in the lawsuit.

    You can read the filing here.

    Recount budget update

    An update on the recount budget is now available online by clicking here.

    NYC Voting Justice conference with Greg Palast and Jill Stein

    On February 2 Jill Stein joined trailblazing investigative reporter Greg Palast for a discussion on voter suppression in the 2016 election, the recount and “electoral Jim Crow”. Watch the video on Facebook.
    Stay up to date on the struggle for voting justice

    Recount 2016 was not just about one election, but about a broader commitment to voting justice in America. Starting with this newsletter, we’d like to bring you regular updates on the growing movement for voting justice, from ensuring election integrity and ending voter suppression to getting big money out of politics and giving voters real choice with fair representation voting systems.

    We hope you’ll enjoy our occasional updates on the voting justice movement and how you can get involved. If you would only like to receive information specifically about Recount 2016, please click here to opt out of the voting justice newsletter.

    Legal victory against Commission on Presidential Debate

    A federal court has delivered an unprecedented ruling against the Commission on Presidential Debates, stating that the bipartisan commission has unfairly designed its rules to eliminate any realistic possibility of independent or alternative party candidates getting on the debate stage. Both the Green Party and Libertarian Party were co-plaintiffs on the suit brought by Level the Playing Field. The ruling means that the FEC must respond to the complaint, and potentially compel the debates commission to change the 15% polling threshold for being admitted into the debate. Stay tuned for more updates.

    Watch Greg Palast’s expose of how the 2016 election was stolen – through voter suppression!

    Investigative journalist Greg Palast has spent years getting to the bottom of voter suppression in America. Palast’s 2016 documentary “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy – A Tale of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits” exposed the Interstate Crosscheck scheme that GOP operatives used to suppress over a million voters in 2016. Watch this gripping true-crime story free on Greg Palast’s Facebook page.

    PA State Rep candidate takes the struggle for voting justice to the ballot box

    As the recount fight continues in Philadelphia, renowned activist and founder of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign Cheri Honkala is running in a special election for Pennsylvania state house to take the struggle for voting justice into the halls of power. To learn more and get involved with this landmark race, go to Cheri197.com.

    Onward to an America and a world that works for all of us!

    It’s in our hands,

    The Recount 2016 Team

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