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  • cascadiance (2952 posts)
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    Jill Stein sick and missed Portland event for her tonight…

    It was still a good session to attend at the Roseland Theater here tonight even though Jill didn’t show.

    Kshama Sawant made it, and a dog made a point of barking in the back of the theater when she spoke, kind of like the way wildlife endorsed Bernie in the form of a bird when he last visited and spoke in Portland too!  :)

    I looked up online and it was noted that Jill Stein had a bout with pneumonia last week and had to respond to the debate in the expanding the debate video from the hospital then.  Note that here:


    Now given that it was made public that Hillary had pneumonia which many of us feel was a way of trying to cover that she actually has Parkinsons, I find it curious that suddenly Stein had pneumonia last weekend, and wonder if it is still affecting her tonight.

    Anyone find any place where it says if Jill had the viral type of pneumonia or other kind of pneumonia that isn’t spread through contagious contact with others with the disease?  I wonder about that, because part of me wonders if Hillary’s dirty tricks team, which has done so many other things to try to “install herself” to power this year might have found some way to expose Jill to viral pneumonia so that they could claim when she had to pull back from her public appearances due to that problem, that this would provide Hillary more of a means of rationalizing an excuse that this is a more common event than it really is and that since Jill Stein also has it that progressives are willing to vote for her, that they should not be worried about Clinton’s health and vote for her too.

    Anyway, given the recent Wikileaks leaks of Clinton emails, etc. and the recency of Jill’s getting this disease, I’m guessing that their dirty tricks team would have done a lot to keep any communications they might have had on some operation like this (if it happened) off of Wikileaks radar.  But it might still be worth looking for info in the releases in the coming weeks to see if it might have happened.  If Cenk Uygur suddenly gets sick with pneumonia from having her on his show on Friday, then it might make one more suspicious of something like her getting infected by viral pneumonia in this fashion.

    I learned something more about California governor Jerry Brown which is strike two for me against him after he earlier endorsed Hillary.  The last speaker at the event last night at the end of his talk asked people to speak up and ask short questions of things they’d like for him to talk about.  I yelled “Ranked Choice Voting in Benton County”!

    He thanked me for that and spoke a bit about it, noting that California made the point of trying to expand its scope with votes in the legislature passing some legislation to do so that would allow any municipality to very simply get it put in place.  But Brown VETOED it!  Note his statements here in this article.  He apparently really has sold out since becoming governor the second time!  Not the same Jerry Brown he used to be!  Or maybe it’s a “Brown thing”.  I recall Kate Brown (current governor of Oregon) saying almost essentially the same thing when I personally asked her about it when she was running for SOS a few years ago here.


    The legislation, SB1288 by Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, would have allowed any city to switch to ranked-choice balloting if voters endorsed it. The measure passed both houses on divided votes but was vetoed Thursday by Brown in a sharply worded message.

    “In a time when we want to encourage more voter participation, we need to keep voting simple,” the governor said. “Ranked-choice voting is overly complicated and confusing. I believe it deprives voters of genuinely informed choice.”

    Leno reacted with bewilderment. “Ranked-choice voting is very simple,” he said, and the point of his bill was “whether we, the state, should dictate to these general law cities how they should design their voting systems.”

    Brown may have had other reasons for his veto. Mayor of Oakland from 1999 to 2007, he supported former state Senate leader Don Perata in the 2010 mayor’s race, the city’s first under the new system. Perata got the most votes in the first round but wound up losing to Jean Quan, a councilwoman who ran to Perata’s left and got more second-place votes from supporters of like-minded candidates. Perata, and some of his backers, said afterward that ranked-choice voting had unfairly cost him the election.

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  • deepestblue (2136 posts)
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    1. never relinquish your questioning mind :D


  • Rod Beauvex (296 posts)
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    2. I don't like this. At all.

    Maybe I’m reaching for the tinfoil hat a little too soon, but weren’t we discussing elsewhere on this site about some poisonings a few years back that start out with symptoms like this?

  • cascadiance (2952 posts)
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    3. Jill also missed her rally in Berkeley on Saturday night too…

    … and the reason this article attributes it to is her recent bout with pneumonia, so it must be still affecting her now.


    She still is in an L.A. hospital and her appearances in Washington today have been cancelled as well.


    David Cobb and Kshama Sawant will be speaking there as they both did last night here in Portland too if any of you up there in Washington had been planning to go.

    Vote AGAINST the race to the bottom by both corporate parties who seek to screw workers over globally!                                                                                  
  • cascadiance (2952 posts)
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    4. It sounds like her pneumonia is tied with her having asthma…

    As noted here:


    In other sites it was noted that some drugs treating asthma can trigger pneumonia, which has one wondering if she was treated by someone in a certain way…  :P  Though it is also noted that pneumonia can also trigger asthma too.  I’m not a doctor, but perhaps someone else here can give us more to help us either dismiss or feel more concerned about how she got this latest affliction of pneumonia.

    Vote AGAINST the race to the bottom by both corporate parties who seek to screw workers over globally!                                                                                  
  • Akallabeth (2234 posts)
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    5. The second version of the Dead Kennedy's "Kalifornia Uber Alles"

    is what I think of when I see Jerry Brown.


    A real classic! Showing my age here.



    "Out of many, one"
    • Snort McDork (2721 posts)
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      6. I hope she can get better quickly to where she can give a speech.

      How depressing to be in a hospital bed at such a critical time.