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  • Lynetta (681 posts)
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    Jim Willie (update this audio is a year old sorry)

    Jim Willie about the implosion of the Western FINANCIAL Empire and the rise of the Eurasian empire [Audio Cast only] Time: 1:37

    Published on Jan 8, 2017  Economic Collapse Today  (Warning admitted End Times Conservative Site – I listen because Pense, who is an End Times believer, is a heartbeat away from the Presidency and I have been ignoring these folks for a long time. I trust that if I tell you the source you can either ignore it or listen with understanding of its slant.)

    Jim Willie about the implosion of the Western FINANCIAL Empire and the rise of the Eurasian empire

    [I am posting this video here because I have not seen much financial news since Demeter took her leave of us right after the election. I let her be my main source and have not found a good replacement. It starts out with a lot of facts and is long and I am not done so you and I may end up just listening to the beginning.  But he is saying the Gold markets are moving to China following a collapse of Western Banking and markets this year and gives people, dates and some details of actions so far.]

    For me personally this is like watching a world wide domino train wreck gobbling assets that will at some time hit you personally but until you know where the domino are you don’t know if, where or when you need to act to save your loved ones. Interesting times indeed.

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  • Mom Cat (15002 posts)
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    1. A lot of loose charges. I see your interest in what the endtimers are saying but

    this is so convoluted I can’t follow it.

         NEVER FORGET      BERNIE WON!          
    • Lynetta (681 posts)
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      4. I had been seeing the interviewee listed the last week but..

      I kept getting interrupted yesterday after I started listening. Life interfering with my internet again. LOL

      I managed to get his interview for last year but it wasn’t until 75% of the way through did they start talking about the upcoming election in November.  So I did listen to the rest and later listened to the interview from 12/26/07.  It was not something I wanted to post here and looking at the first one after the fact it was a mistake to post it.

      Edited the OP to add an apology but thought since you bothered to comment I would send you a personal one.

  • Lynetta (681 posts)
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    2. Some notes.

    London Overnight Gold Exchange has been taken over by Shanghai Gold Exchange because of total manipulated. China got the financial edge on the West and are using it. The Yuan will be backed by the Gold Standard.

    RMB is the new oil currency. RMB old futures contract. Deliver gold not in dollars but it will not be manipulated.

    The only thing holding up the US Dollar is war, debt and arrogance by decades of theft and mismanagement. The dollar will be worth nothing and we will not be able to trade.  Which is why the Congress just put our national assets to zero and then they may be able to transfer them to back the replacement or worthless dollar. Nobody believes we have any gold left.

    Anecdotally they all steal from each other. The Bush Gold Sr he stole on his way out was stolen and it had been pledged on a debt and was then discovered to have been stolen. Bank of America guaranteed backing of that Gold because letting Bush fail would make the whole Western World collapse (his words).  He sites three sources.

    The Eastern Catholic Church will be going away because it has been taken over by satanists the same ones in our government and western who are on a destruction of the earth path. China is going to stop that and replace it with the power of the Eastern Catholic Church.

    Watch for a ping, a bump in prices in gold and silvers to stress test the banks. It will see if paper gold can stand.   Citigroup and HSBC are too of the banks most likely to fail immediately with the cost the gold rise.

    White Dragon a centuries old group of families who are running China and run a separate economic entity as big as a major country.

    Robert Ruben stole 5 billion dollars from the Native American Trust Fund in Chase Manhattan Bank.

    We have stolen all of Saudi Arabia’s money and are threatening to kill their ruling family if they move to the RMB. That is why they are trying to seize the oil in Yemen to become solvent again. But they are using the destruction at the cuckoo Satanist Americans. He believes that things will unwind in June July if not sooner.  Eurasian Trade Zone New Silk Road, China, Russia, Iran, perhaps India and Saudi Arabia.

    Whole bunch of gossip about our politicians.

    If Brexit happens Britain will go with China to survive. We are being isolated for our stupid behavior (government and businessmen.)

    My opinion: Karma is a bitch.

    • Mom Cat (15002 posts)
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      6. Good synopsis of the show. I actually listened to the whole thing. I have to say

      much of what he had to say sounded off the wall to me, but the move by China to control more of the gold market is intriguing. I have no idea.

           NEVER FORGET      BERNIE WON!          
  • Lynetta (681 posts)
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    3. Self delete

  • ThouArtThat (6169 posts)
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    5. In Listening To The Christian Based End Timers – There Is A Belief That

    A Gold backed currency system will return.

    This view flies in the face of how modern monetary systems operate wherein money is created by banks as credit.

    There is no indication that the world will be returning to a gold backed monetary system any time in the near future.

    So what to make of the gold markets?

    Best to think of them as surrogates for fear and doomer aspirations of safety when the apocalypse arrives.

    "In America Today, Power Corrupts and Money Corrupts Absolutely" - Anonymous