Jimmy Dore: Bernie/Warren Smackdown Start To Finish

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      This entire showbiz scenario was invented and orchestrated by CNN, timed precisely for this CNN debate.  CNN going after audience share, going after advertising dollars.  Nothing more nefarious than that.

      Republicans, Faux News, Trump, McCarthy, Carlson, the whole gang is ecstatic and playing it for all it’s worth.  It’s their bread and butter.  The Democratic “centrists” also self-styled as “moderates” (well paid lackeys and profiteers) are also lapping it up.

      The only people who lose out in this kind of click-bait personality politics are those who actually care about issues like education, health care, the environment, the social and physical infrastructure of the country — all of which are treated as epiphenomena of vanishing importance.

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      “I would never call a Native American a liar.” – JD

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