Jimmy Dore-Reporters & White House Agree On Censoring Twitter

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      news about Hunter’s laptop.   At the behest of the Democrats.   I put that in quotes because we do not have a democracy and the election process is corrupt.  IMO.  Anyway, it just occurred to me that True Blue Democrats really do think it is perfectly fine if they break the laws, censor free speech, lie, cheat, and steal, etc. – if, as Albright said, they achieve their goals.  In addition to killing, of course.  Classic always accuse the other side of what you are doing.  I would have thought there was a limit to how fetid the two bowls of feces I am supposed to choose from could be, but now I do not think so.

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      Jimmy does mock the undefendable actions of the White House. Remember, this started back in the Industrial Revolution, and these people today are repeating the same methods as yesteryear. They are not very creative.

      As far as the stupid, idiot reporter goes, she needs a letter to her editor. This letter needs to say, “News reporters are supposed to report the news, not be the news. Then to ask the government for restrictions on thought and free speech in a public forum. This is not news reporting, it is institutional authoritarianism.” Let us see how the editor handles this, if at all!

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