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      What the Ukraine scandal reveals about Donald Trump is by now well known: He elevated his political interest above the national interest and demanded foreign interference in an American election. What’s received less attention is what the scandal reveals about Joe Biden: He showed poor judgment because his staff shielded him from hard truths. If that sounds faintly familiar, it’s because that same tendency underlay Hillary Clinton’s email woes in 2016. Clinton and Biden differ in many ways. But beneath each candidate’s marquee scandal lies the same core defect: insularity.

      The Biden campaign would have you believe that only people who wear MAGA hats think it’s a problem that Hunter Biden served on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, while his father led the Obama administration’s effort to fight corruption in the Ukrainian energy industry. That’s not true. The Obama officials who handled Ukraine thought it was a problem, too. As Glenn Thrush and Kenneth P. Vogel of The New York Times recently reported, “Hunter Biden’s activities struck many of the officials working on Ukraine policy as an unnecessary distraction, or worse.” One of those officials was Obama’s ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey R. Pyatt. Another was Amos J. Hochstein, who coordinated international energy affairs at the State Department. Thrush and Vogel write that “Hochstein, reflecting the concerns of State Department officials, including Mr. Pyatt, tried to get several of Mr. Biden’s aides to broach the subject” of Hunter Biden’s work for Burisma with the vice president. Last month, The Washington Post revealed another State Department official’s attempt to get Biden staffers to intervene with their boss. The Post reported that George Kent, then a deputy assistant secretary of state, “raised concerns [with Biden aides] in early 2015 about then–Vice President Joe Biden’s son serving on the board of a Ukrainian energy company.”

      But Biden’s aides wouldn’t confront their boss. Kent, notes the Post, “was turned away by a Biden staffer.” When Hochstein “tried to get several of Mr. Biden’s aides to broach the subject” of Hunter Biden’s activities, “they declined.” (Hochstein later went to Biden directly). Biden’s aides knew Hunter’s role at Burisma was a problem. In fact, they “were so worried about the optics,” write Thrush and Vogel, that “they enlisted State Department officials to gather facts to determine how to handle the story.” Nonetheless, “few” Biden aides, “if any, had raised the issue with Mr. Biden directly when it first arose.”


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      So the groundwork is being laid for plausible deniability.

      Let me make this clear. Biden staffers falling on the sword to protect him will not fly. One of the following is true:

      Joe was too stupid to know bad optics if it slapped him in the face.


      Joe stuck his fingers in his ears and went lalala


      Joe surrounds himself with dumb shit help that doesn’t understand optics. So how bad could his cabinet potentially be?


      Joe knew exactly what was going on and didn’t believe it would reveal itself or ultimately become a political liability.

      "I welcome their hatred" Franklin D Roosevelt

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        Average Gazoo
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        Biden claims he never talked to his son about Burisma — if true (which it can’t be) then Biden is operating at the level of Mr Magoo. If it’s an outright lie then Biden has doubled down on the idea that he can’t escape this thing by claiming it was just “bad optics” and not what it clearly was: influence peddling.

        The article reads like a limited hangout — admitting to some things while spinning others and ignoring the full scope of the Hunter debacle altogether.  Hunter received a diamond as a gift from a Chinese billionaire — he now says he does not know what became of that diamond and that ‘it was a bad idea to accept it.’   Also untouched in that article is the contents of Hunter’s Hertz rental car at the time he turned in. To be more specific Hunter seems to have abandoned the car in a state of acute paranoia brought on by smoking crack.  On the passenger seat was his crack pipe, and empty baggie, business cards for the secret service and a badge for Attorney General of the State of Maryland (!)

        When I read the headline I thought the “problem” was going to be Hillary entering the 2020 race.  She could name him for the VP slot but Her would probably prefer someone even worse than Biden in order to appeal to white Republican voters in the suburbs or whatever Schumer calls them now.

        Be the Change

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        Electrolyte Orchestra
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        I believe it is the last one. Joe has been at this a long time. He’s watched the US topple regimes and watched the spoils go to ‘connected’ others. It hardly ever bites them in the ass, so why should he worry.

        By this time, Joe had probably already been told that its Hillary’s turn, and though he is sitting VP, he needs to sit 2016 out. Allowing his son to try to right his life with a cushy job half a world away is an inexpensive consolation prize. Besides, HRC would be Prez and any inquiries would go away.

        Kent, who raised concerns about H Biden according to the article, is testifying now. Unless they are morons, the GOP will have someone reference that and ask for his take.


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      I believe it. Campaign staffers are natural-born toadies and sycophants. They shield the Great One from any bad news. They compete with each other as gatekeepers, to see who can exert the most control over the flow of information. They are disgusting.

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      It is a stretch to think that Joe is not the one who got Hunter to cash in on his position as a VP.

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      Bull****! Hunter Biden was given a “job” as a way of hiding a bribe to Joe by a group wanting to exploit Ukrainian natural gas, and when the Ukrainian Nazi government misbehaved Biden strongarmed them – or at least Joe claims. Close your eyes to this all you like, indulge in blind Trump hate all you like, there’s the real crime.

      And don’t talk about whataboutism. Whataboutism is saying “they all do it” and justifying ignoring the problem. This is hiding a greater crime because it pleases your prejudices, because you want the Democrats to succeed at an even greater crime. Admit it – you don’t care how much evil the government does, as long as you get cheap stuff and a sense of superiority and you don’t have to be embarrassed.

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      game meat
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      This insularity doesn’t make Biden and Clinton corrupt or criminal. But each has paid a heavy political price for failing to create a culture where aides could challenge their blind spots.

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      Joe Biden has a Joe Biden problem. No one likes him. His good old boy schtick doesn’t work in 2019. Besides that, everyone knows he’s a pervert and fraud.

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      from the beginning this could only backfire on Biden, and from the beginning all too few DNC/Biden flunkies realized this, now they’re having to admit everything Trump uses to defend himself–the walls behind the cornered Prez turn out to be cardboard and he just bumbles through them

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      Biden’s kid is a nice scapegoat for Trump’s dealings because “See!  Everybody does it!”

      Tell me, great captain, how do the angels sleep when the devil leaves his porch light on? Tom Waites

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