Joe Biden used to be a progressive Democrat. What happened?

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    A decade later, the “New Deal Democrat” had completely changed his tune. As the Reagan era dawned, Biden recalls listening to friends “mostly on the Republican side of the aisle”. “More and more,” he became “a believer in balanced budgets.”

    By 1984, Biden took his newfound small-government approach to its logical conclusion and proposed a total federal spending freeze. A majority of states had double-digit unemployment rates at the time, and there were widespread economic worries. But instead of taking aim at the structural reasons for decline, Biden focused single-mindedly on the deficit. Along with two Republican colleagues, he spearheaded a plan to “shock the living devil out of everyone in the US Senate” by freezing spending, including cost-of-living adjustments for social security recipients. This despite a majority of Americans supporting more funding for the program, even if it meant higher taxes. At the time, inflation was nearing 5%, so effectively Biden would have taken billions of dollars away from working people.

    “Middle-class Joe” from Scranton, Pennsylvania, the economic populist of 1972, was long gone. And he never regretted his shift. In 1995, when he finally had a Republican majority to work with in the Senate, Biden reminded his colleagues that “When I argued that we should freeze federal spending, I meant social security as well, I meant Medicare and Medicaid.” He joined only a handful of Democrats in backing a Republican proposal to enshrine small government into the constitution through a balanced budget amendment.

    He was just as unremorseful when running for president in 2007, telling Tim Russert on Meet the Press he wasn’t afraid of the “third rail” of American politics – entitlement reform, even cuts to popular programs. In particular, he touted the idea of “protecting” social security by raising the retirement age.

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    Jan Boehmerman
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    What happened?  He sniffed too many hair sprays and such!

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    I remember him from his beginning and he was never a progressive. He was always in with the money people and he never held that anyone who wasn’t white was any good at anything. He ranks down poor black families for not doing more for their kids but he never says the same about poor white kids. He was never a progressive. Ever.

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    The Red Menace
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    Joe’s never been a progressive, no matter how much you stretch the word. He’s a 90’s Democrat – specifically the 1890’s.

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    Looks like most of us will concur that he has never been a progressive. He really has BS’ed a lot of people along with the rest of the DLC/NEW DEM virus.

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    Joe Biden has NEVER been a Progressive Democrat.  Never ever.  Of course, bear in mind that the DNC/Democratic Party has now redefined “progressive” to mean “not actually running as a Republican”.

    I will not vote for a Vichy Dem. Period. As always, I decide who is a Vichy Dem.

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    You can balance budgets without giving massive tax breaks to the rich or slashing the safety net.


    I support MFA among other policies to give regular people a balanced budget at home.

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    Bill Haywood
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    Bhaskar Sunkara is reaching with that one…

    “I don’t think the issues mean a great deal in terms of whether you win or lose. I think the issues are merely a vehicle to portray your intellectual capacity to the voters . . . a vehicle by which the voters will determine your honesty and candor.”

    –Joe Biden (1974)

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    Ohio Barbarian
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    Bribery is what happened. Joe Biden took bribes. Still does.

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    Groper Joe was never a progressive. That paedo twat has been a race baiter and a bankster bawbag licker from day one.

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    I think they meant he was an opponent of the Vietnam War.

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    Joe had a public image of “the working class guy from Scranton who still took the train home to Delaware every night” from the Senate. But that image never really matched his policy positions. The bankster shilling, the PNAC warmongering, etc.

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    Blue Meany
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    I always thought he a blue-dog Democrat.  He was always reminding people that Delaware was culturally and demographically southern, and he worked with southern racists–whether Democrat or Republican.  Obama put him on the ticket to help him carry the South and he took on the facade of a progressive then.  But his professed ability to talk to the working-class coupled with his efforts to dismantle the welfare state would have made him a perfect fit for the Republican Party, at least up until the early 1990s.  Now we are supposed to consider that progressive, but then, as Noam Chomsky says, Nixon was the last liberal president.

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    Joe is just another bastard who used the popularity of progressive positions to get elected, then turned around and betrayed everyone to be paid like the tool he is by the oligarchs. The Democratic Party is full of them.

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