Joe Biden’s Bankruptcy Bill Could COMPLICATE His Presidential Run

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      Joe Biden’s Bankruptcy Bill Could COMPLICATE His Presidential Run


      “…Elizabeth Warren has called out the current Vice President in the past…”


      “…The euphoria among centrists for Elizabeth Warren will probably come crashing down when she starts talking about Joe Biden’s role in the bankruptcy bill…”


      “…Warren’s 2002 writings, however, may stymie that effort both because her criticism was specifically targeted at Biden and because the criticism revolved around an issue that cuts to the heart of Democratic voters’ concerns over the growing political power of the financial sector. In Warren’s 2002 review of Biden, she said the senator of 36 years played a “crucial” role in passing the bankruptcy legislation over the objections of unions, consumer groups and women’s organizations. The bill was backed by major credit card companies, including MBNA, which is headquartered in Delaware and whose employees collectively became Biden’s top campaign contributor. The firm also hired Biden’s son, Hunter, as a consultant….”


      “…While some Democratic activists are pining for a Biden-Warren ticket, Warren’s writing suggests such a political marriage would be more than a bit complicated….”




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      On a national scale, his track record is consistent losing. His affiliates and backers, the neo liberal Democrats, are losers.

      Personally, I would leave the top of the ballot blank. He is the enemy of the working class.

      "I welcome their hatred" Franklin D Roosevelt

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      “….The senator from Mastercard resurrected his profile in the Democratic Party by being a faithful VP. But his multiple examples of plagiarism, his handling of the Thomas hearings (appallingly incompetent) and his votes to do the bidding of the credit card companies will hurt….”


      “…What did this bill do?

      Made it so you can’t discharge student loan debt with bankruptcy…”

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      because he and his degenerate corporate backers really believe 2020 is the year Not Being Trump is enough to win, and sadly, they may be right.

      All governments lie to their citizen's, but only Americans believe theirs.

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      I have a hard time envisioning him actually winning a primary. Even if he weren’t so gaff-prone, he simply will not be able to defend his record.

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      And well deserved if so.

      In America, “Liberty” means “Free to Die in Service of Capital” - Amfortas the hippie.

      Most of today’s elites have the moral and social reasoning capacities of spoiled toddlers.

      “People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage...but the privileged also feel that their privileges, however egregious they may seem to others, are a solemn, basic, God-right. The sensitivity of the poor to injustice is a trivial thing c

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      I have no doubt about that.

      All those people who voted Trump just to keep Shillary out,

      will do the same with Biden.

      Greg Lapalina

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