Joe Biden’s Non-Radical 1960s

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      He was known around the University of Delaware campus as the teetotaling semi-jock with a sweater around his neck — the type who seemed more consumed with date nights than civil rights and expected a certain standard of decorum from his companions, once threatening to break off an evening with a woman who lit a cigarette in his borrowed convertible.

      And when Mr. Biden and his friends from Syracuse University law school happened upon antiwar protesters at the chancellor’s office — the kind of Vietnam-era demonstration that galvanized so much of their generation — his group stepped past with disdain. They were going for pizza.


      A review of how Mr. Biden navigated this period of national upheaval — drawn from interviews with more than a dozen friends, classmates and others who have known the Democratic nominee across the decades — at once lays bare the implausibility of Mr. Trump’s attack and supplies an enduring window into Mr. Biden’s own theories of social movements. Incremental progress is still progress, he has long believed, and within-the-system change is still change.


      “I’m not big on flak jackets and tie-dye shirts,” he told reporters in 1987, distinguishing himself from some politically minded contemporaries. “Other people marched. I ran for office.”


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      This may explain my visceral antagony.

      The first semi-positive thing I have heard about him, cutting off the smoker in a convert.

      probably a Corvette?

      I’m starting to understand how a hallway rapist would give Clarence Thomas a pass and a pat on the butt.

      I cant give him one for any of his aspects. Not even the cigarette.

      what an epic scumbag and the very boil on our system that needs lanced.

      (no assassination implications intended. On the other hand, full transparency- in loud favor of public beheading)

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      ..epitomizes the kind of person who basically slept through the sixties.Its questioning spirit affected them not at all.

      They supported the status quo then,and they support it now.

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