Joe Kennedy Introduces Bill for Low Income Legal Support

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      I am an activist for family preservation meaning I fight against the taking and re-homing children for adoption with little or no reason. Of course I believe there is abuse that means removal, do not get me wrong. But severe abuse is not that prevalent and most often it is about things like teaching parenting and caring skills in order to stop the issue.

      For instance, The Rebecca Project made op of former felons and addicts has made it a mission to send entire families into drug abuse treatment, not just the addict. it is also known for not forcing a woman giving birth top be chained to the bed as if she would be able to run at that time. It is simply a way to cause her more shame than she already has experienced for being a pregnant felon and it works far better and stops the situation far better.  Providing mother the support she needs for breastfeeding etc is also far better for the child and the mother.  Many of these women go on to get their degrees and find a way to give their wisdom to others.

      Most of my friends against these “legal” kidnapping rings are conservatives. For good reason since it is the liberals who brought this horrible family destruction for money. Joe Kennedy III is a liberal but also a good Catholic and anti-abortion. But he knows that is not enough. It is not just about kids in the womb, but for support of the care of these kids once born. I am pro-choice and have some differences with Rep Kennedy, but I could respect the antiabortion movement if they also saw that this should lead to family support. But it often does not. No decent anti-abortionist should be one without supporting that choice by also calling for family support.

      Rep Joe Kennedy III has introduced a bill in support of the right to legal counsel if low income. It is about time. Kids are being kidnapped by the State in order to get federal funding. No big secret here, it is well known that the poor are targets because selling their kids brings big bonuses to all the participants including judges, case managers, family research, CASAs, and lawyers.

      The caveat to get this Title IV E funding (admitted by former Reps McDermott and Michelle Bachman but still true) is, “the more kids you take the more money you make,” and blatant lying in court is allowed. Their premise is that being poor is “abusive” as if they were somehow “abused” for being in low-income families Even infants torn from their mother’s arms grow up to be lost whether or not the adoptive family is a good one. Many of these adoptive families are not that good. Their choices for a “good home” is about money, who has the new van, the new house and all that, who cares what happens to the kids after that?

      It matters little in an adoptive family that goes on behind those designer curtains. If kids go to the authorities about their abuse, the adoptive parent is sheltered because the State can not admit their horrible and often stupid mistakes. I cannot tell you how many kids on the streets I have ministered to that are adopted or foster kids. Neither “solution” is good. Adoption, as is abortion, should be infrequent and necessary.

      I have tons of resources about this travesty if anyone wants it. I have spent days and weeks of time researching the foundation of taking kids and it was far more horrifying than the worst I could believe. Kids are arbitrarily taken for-profit and the people with their hands out are everyone from the CASA to the lawyers, to the courts, to state workers.

      Poverty is not a choice. It is an *institution* meaning that it remains in our society because somebody benefits from it in spite of the misery, disease, ignorance, and hopelessness it generates. This institution is generated based on racism, sexism, ageism, and disability. A lot of people make lots of money off the backs of these low-income people from the medical fields to the social services and $millions of dollars low-income non-profits receive.

      For instance, I once “did the math” about the Good Will who uses low-income people for their forced labor (out of Welfare DEformed). they generate about $60,000 + per client for grants and use only about $2000 in actual services to a family. Where does the other $58,000 go? Into someone’s pocket. In their building, you can go up the stairs from the ground floor and find that the lowest floor is full of everything from broken furniture and equipment, to mice to mold. As you ascend the floors get nicer and nicer. By the time you reach the top floors where some rich person’s uncle placed them as director, that floor has fine art, fancy furniture, and the best equipment. The upper staff makes hundreds of thousands, while the people actually doing the hard work in their stores make less than $1000 a month.  I wish I were making this up, but sadly not.  It is almost impossible to be free of poverty in spite of a handful who do escape. Then it is used as if this is a norm against the ones who could never escape due to their poverty, their sex, their race, their disability, homelessness, and myriads of other reason nobody will hire them. Escaping poverty is not a norm, it is extremely difficult. Even education is not a guarantee to escape depending on the field. Hiring is rampant with sexism, ageism, and racism in the technology fields, engineering, and so many other man-dominated fields.

      These court, medical and social service greedheads get 10s of thousands per child in funding and lots of money for all the surrounding “services.” Low-income grandparents and other relatives raising their family’s offspring have no way of defending themselves except for becoming instant lawyers or going for broke for custody of their own children because it is a “civil” proceeding when they are falsely accused of abuse.


      it is time for the low income to be able to defend themselves rather than being forced to bow under the injustices heaped upon them the most for all classes. You can write to your U.S. representatives and ask them to support this bill too.

      Hope this helps …


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