Joe Manchin, of all people, finds his inner Bernie

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      Jim Lane
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      Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) is pretty clearly the most conservative Democrat in the Senate.  He’s the one I’d most like to see replaced by a progressive.  He’s cast a few good votes, such as opposing Trump’s big tax cut for the rich, but on many issues he might as well be a Republican.
      Imagine my surprise to see this RawStory headline: “Manchin erupts into shouting match with McConnell: You’re ‘more concerned about the health of Wall Street’”!  Yes, that’s Joe Manchin hitting the nail squarely on the head:
      “You can throw all the money at Wall Street you want to,” Manchin said after McConnell blamed Democrats for a stalled stimulus bill. “People are afraid to leave their homes. They’re afraid of the health care. I’ve got workers who don’t have masks. I’ve got health care workers who don’t have gowns.”
      “And it looks like we’re worried more about the economy than we are the health care and the wellbeing of the people of America,” the West Virginia senator complained.
      Now, I don’t think Manchin is quite ready to join the revolution.  Still, it’s an encouraging straw in the wind.  If the COVID-19 crisis and the right wing’s response to it can elicit this kind of reaction even from the likes of Manchin, maybe we can hope that the scales are falling from a lot of people’s eyes.
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      i want to see a physical fight like we see in other countries’ parliaments

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      to pad the pocket of his puppeteers, claiming that the Democrats are holding up Federal support for the ‘American people’. Apparently his definition of the American people is limited to the 1%. The rest of us need to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. Whatever that means.

      “Go and tell Alexander that God the Supreme King is never the Author of insolent wrong, but is the Creator of light, of peace, of life, of water, of the body of man and of souls;...what Alexander offers and the gifts he promises are things to me utterly useless;..." Dandamis, a great sannyasi of Taxila.Excerpt From: Yogananda, Paramahansa. “Autobiography of a Yogi.”

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      Manchin only cares about coal barons,the working people can take a hike.

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        Jim Lane
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        Two of the most consequential Senate votes since Trump took office were on gutting Obamacare (after the Republicans abandoned all pretense of “repeal and replace” in favor of “repeal and go fuck yourselves”) and the huge tax giveaway to the rich and big business.  Both were close votes.  Manchin was on the right side of both of them.

        I agree with @ravensong about “credit where credit is due.”  Add his handful of good votes to his display of populism this week.  Manchin doesn’t exactly qualify to be Bernie’s running mate but he’s clearly better than McConnell.

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          I didn’t want Gorsuch either but that only bothered me politically the Kavanaugh votes crossed a line for me especially because Manchin created an alternate reality for himself so he could vote in favor of Kavanaugh.

          Manchin is correct here but I’m not going to get carried away.

          Ford’s sister-in-law: Manchin and Collins created an ‘alternate reality’ to support Kavanaugh

          Peters said she thought the senators’ logic was a way to divert away from the main issue.

          “I think they’re saying — I think they’re saying, gee, she looks credible, but we can’t really believe that the man we like would do this,” Peters said. “So, therefore, it’s not valid, you know, it’s not valid that it was him, even though that type of memory does not get mistaken, does not go away.”

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      Never had a good word to say about Manchin before, but he righteously stood up for his home folks, so credit where credit is due.

      “A lie doesn't become truth, wrong doesn't become right, and evil doesn't become good, just because it's accepted by a majority.” ~ Booker T. Washington

      The truth is, there’s no such thing as being “anti-Fascist.” Either you are a decent human being with a conscience, or you are a fascist.
      ~ Unknown

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      Keep in mind that in the 30s, many of the deciding votes for New Deal programs came from segregationist Democrats in the South.

      I’m with the “credit where credit is due” folks. Just because we justifiably praise Manchin for occasionally doing the right thing doesn’t mean we have to support his re-election.

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