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      That’s a demographic that is touted as being naturally friendly to Biden’s appeal. But that demographic is also a demographic that Rogan has a lot of influence within.

      Imo, voters that don’t vote reflexively are at the breaking point in regards Biden. While they may prefer “Generic Democrat” over Trump, they could by now be seeing a Biden Presidency as far too risky to our economy, and our national security.

      And those two issues are yooge to moderate Independents. Trade deals also being important, and Biden already has one yooge strike against him with them in that regard. I’d really like to know what independent polling is showing the Democratic party.

      Independent polling can do the kind of work that polling associated with the media won’t touch, and for good reason.

      One example of that being that it would create an uproar to ask respondents multiple questions regarding whether or not Biden is creepy with women.

      To get meaningful results you really have to hit people with repeated, pointed, questions, and you have to build a baseline first. To do that effectively the media would have to be willing to let it be known that that were checking out Biden’s creepiness factor. If they could announce after doing such polling that there was no such factor, and people generally resented even being asked if Biden was in the past out of line with women, there might not be an uproar. But the media knows that that wouldn’t be the result.

      So in the end they might have to feign surprise when for a variety of reasons Biden is told that he’s decided he’s dropping out.

      Who could have seen this coming!?! Those who’ve seen the internal polling, that’s who.

      P.S. Biden could never pull off being the Avatar for the Democratic party platform. A lot of people who haven’t been following things would be shocked to hear Biden espousing it, as the reason they like Joe is because they think of him as the Biden from the 20th century. And a lot of more progressive voters just wouldn’t believe the words coming out of his mouth.

      “Let’s take Hillary, make her a creepy, even older, guy, add in a dash of apparent senility, and an even greater level of laughable familial corruption.”

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        “Biden?! they went with BIDEN?!” part of me always felt it was a sign of weakness rather than overwhelming strength, even if they were able to steal our future so easily: mental health and speculation aside, the Iraq War supporter has lost every election since technically 2004! Old Cishet White MaleTM, check; most RW policies on drugs, race, prisons, healthcare, debt, war? check; Warren, Buttigieg, Klobuchar (remember them? lol) could stay vague about policy and run on “Sanders is too old/male for the New AmericaTM” instead; they then swept the board and went all in on Biden after he mashed Steyer and Bloomberg (remember THEM? lol) in SC–but the thing is Biden had already plummeted after wobbly debate performances, going from 17% to 60% in five days looked rigged

        and as the exit polls show, Biden voters don’t know he doesn’t support what they think he does: rigging or no, I think here Sanders may’ve been TOO successful, just like Mnuchin’s proposal to just cut everyone a check so Trump gets in again; COVID now has caused a lengthy diapause in the primary, and that’s thrown yet another monkey in the wrenchworks

        now with this repulsive (and sadly-too-familiar-to-too-many) rape story gestating (and even generating stories about the lack of stories) and making the Biden Bros openly excuse rape, Obama can’t endorse–out goes Biden, out goes all his Cool Kid cred

        another question is of course “who knew?” Reade filed a report 1993, it got kiboshed and she was squeezed out of the Beltway; the “lighter” version of her allegation came out last year, but she realized she had a worse story than the rest and went to Time’s Up–and it turns out their PR’s done by Biden’s campaign manager who was ALSO Weinstein’s pro bono lawyer! so it was up to Grim and The Hill to break the story

        everyone 1. knew Biden was a handsy creep, 2. presumed he pushed the lines beyond that, and 3. protected him: what other stories did Obama hear about his cotton-brained stand-in over the 8 years?

        there’s two options on what transpired Mar. 1: 1. they wanted a quick spike for Biden to knock out Sanders, but Biden could still drop out as long as Sanders was kept down (an option that lets the DNC know about the creditable rape case) or 2. they had everyone “pool” into Biden for a long-haul campaign (knowing it’d wear down their candidate past the level of functioning speech, but they probably wouldn’t have done this had they known about the incident): unfortunately this last question relies on motive, which is private and thus not analyzable

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      The ones that really kinda liked Sanders ideas and appreciated his truth telling to power, but held their noses and voted Biden because they have been told over and over by the MSM and the DNC and other promienent third way Democrats that Biden is the more electable against Trump. When the opposite is true.  Sanders may not be the most popular with Democrats, but he’s the most popular among the gen pop. With Independents and young people, and had the highest support of minorities.  Laughable watching Dems bite their nails and mirror Fox News talking points like “How will they pay for M4A?” “A socialist will never beat Trump” etc….totally ignoring the polls showing Sanders the most popular Senator with all voters. Or simply the fact that to beat a populist you need your own populist.  Not another status quo corporate cheque signer.

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      He doesn’t come off as partisan. He has a huge online audience and he is objective.  His comments here about Biden are a good example how he can just state the truth and not come across as mean or disingenuous.

      Be the Change

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