Joey has apparently been told to clean up his Ukraine mess from yesterday

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      This is in “Remarks by President Biden Before Meeting with the Infrastructure Implementation Task Force” ( ).

      THE PRESIDENT: Well, let me start by, first, saying a few words about Russia and Ukraine.

      I’ve been absolutely clear with President Putin. He has no misunderstanding. If any — any — assembled Russian units move across the Ukrainian border, that is an invasion. But — and it would be met with severe and coordinated economic response that I’ve discussed in detail with our allies, as well as laid out very clearly for President Putin.

      But there is no doubt — let there be no doubt at all that if Putin makes this choice, Russia will pay a heavy price.

      It is also not the only scenario we need to be prepared for: Russia has a long history of using measures other than overt military action to carry out aggression in paramilitary tactics, so-called “gray-zone” attacks, and actions by Russian soldiers not wearing Russian uniforms.

      Remember when they moved into the Donbas with “Little Green Men”? They weren’t — they were dealing with those who were Russian sympathizers and said that Russia had no — nobody in there.

      Well, that includes “Little Green Men” in uniforms, as well as cyberattack.

      We have to be ready to respond to these as well — and decisively — in a united way, with a range of tools at our disposal.

      The Ukrainian Foreign Minister said this morning that he’s confident of our support and resolve. And he has a right to be.

      Now let me turn to the topic of the day:

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      Within ten seconds of making a no doubt heavily prepared speech. “There is no misunderstanding”, or “There is no room for any misunderstanding”, or “There can be no misunderstanding” is what should have been spoken. Though maybe it’s a speech writer who came up with such an awkward sentence.

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      Man, it seems to me that Biden’s and Ukraine just don’t go together.

      All governments lie to their citizen's, but only Americans believe theirs.

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      Poor Old Joe just can’t keep his shit in the right place.

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