John Bolton is a perfect caricature of a warmongering coward.

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    Like, the most renowned living warmonger on the planet, self-identified by his cowardace.

    This guy is totally unlike the US Vietnam war draft dodgers I met (pioneering, in a way, in interior Canada) in my teens, and who were positively influential in my life.
    He explained it, he avoided the war that he enthused about only because he wanted to protect his own hide. Nothing else.

    So why did this peacenik POTUS pick Bolton to be National Security Advisor, in the first place?
    Why is it that everyone he picks to run the US Gov’t is the ultimate in nastiness, like Bolton and the people he selects to head the EPA, etc.?
    Why is it that he vetoed a bipartisan resolution forcing an end to American military involvement in Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen?
    I mean, that thing got past the most right wing congress any nazi could dream of, and Trump vetoed it because he thought he could make a buck for the USA in arms sales. Brazenly outspoken as that.

    Oh yeah, he’s a man of “peace”, all right.
    You’ve gotta give him credit for firing Bolton.
    That showed steely resolve.

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