John Deere Strike Shows Need for Class-Struggle Unions

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      Good article from Socialist Revolution on how the John Deere strike ended, with details on what the workers won, which included no two-tiered pay scales. Near the end, it discusses the defeat of the Teamsters’ Union establishment in that union’s recent election. 

      This week saw the conclusion of a month-long strike involving over 10,000 United Auto Workers (UAW) workers at John Deere, the world’s largest farming equipment manufacturer. Workers at 14 facilities in five states returned to work on Wednesday having approved a contract that guarantees them an immediate 10% wage rise, improved retirement benefits and an $8,500 signing bonus.

      These are important gains achieved through a militant strike, pushed forward at every stage by the rank-and-file workers of the company, who at each turn of events were faced with the collusion between the bosses and the bureaucratic union leadership.

      In spite of the headline-grabbing wage increase, the final result of the strike is still some way from an all-out victory. Nevertheless, with other strikes across the US ongoing or on the horizon, the John Deere strike gives us a taste of the militant struggles to come.

      In October, John Deere workers were presented with a meager proposal to increase wages by 5%. This is below the inflation rate in the US which has already risen to 6.2%. In addition, the contract would have worsened pension plans for new hires and increased the cost of healthcare insurance. The workers were also angry that their grievances always took forever to be addressed by the bosses.

      Full article here

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      Good read.

      Most of those who I hear commenting on the supply problems, are saying silly shit like, “They can’t get anybody to work.” Most working people in the US have been indoctrinated to react in a knee-jerk manner against their own interests.

      Also from the article:

      “As construction and farming equipment is considered essential, John Deere workers risked their health to build these invaluable resources, only to be rewarded with a wage increase that would be entirely lost to inflation.”

      It’s funny how people see so much complexity in something as straightforward as inflation.

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      This win was inspiring, I’m sure.

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