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  • leftcoastmountains (5581 posts)

    John Hopkins-A talk with Bernie Sanders. Livestream.



    Bernie is using notes in this speech. I’ve heard he doesn’t like notes but he is doing a good job. He looks and sounds very presidential.

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  • Peace Patriot (4952 posts)

    1. Well, he is absolutely running for president and I like the peaceful…

    …thrust of his remarks, particularly his acknowledgement of worldwide poverty, and the need for a worldwide movement of solidarity to end poverty and improve the political power of the poor (i.e., democracy).  I especially like his statement, in the context of climate change,”It’s not you against me, or the U.S. against China.  We’re all in this together.”  And he is absolutely right to attack the far right uber-billionaires who are funding far right politics across borders.  This IS an organized effort to preach hate and to end democracy and to destroy any collective action for the common good.  I agree with most of what Bernie says.  However…

    It’s easy enough to criticize Bernie, who is trying to swim the lethal swamp of our corrupt, war-addicted, failed “world order” on our behalf.  He is in so much danger and is so genuine and heartfelt in his desire to help the poor majority that I forgive him some things that strike me as wrongly focused.  For instance, he criticizes Vladimir Putin as an “authoritarian” too cozy with Russian oligarchs, but fails to mention that drunken sot Boris Yeltsin, whom the U.S. put in power in the ’90s specifically to encourage Russian gangsters to become oligarchs, rob the Russian people and divide and destroy their country.  Putin is very popular in Russia because he’s not Yeltsin – not U.S. controlled – and has reined in the oligarchs.  He doesn’t have the power to break them.  He has to work with them.  Whose fault is that?

    Indeed, Putin is in a similar position, vis a vis oligarchs, as Bernie Sanders will be if/when he becomes president here:  Sanders will have his own slew of oligarchs to rein in – much more powerful and entrenched than those in Russia – and will absolutely have to make alliances with some of them, a) in order not to get assassinated, and b) to get anything of his New Deal program accomplished.  Think about OUR oligarchs and OILigarchs and war contractors and banksters and uber-billionaires!  This isn’t going to be easy. Ask Putin.

    I’m glad he mentioned Brazil, where the frontrunner in the presidential race, leftist Lula da Silva, is in jail on false charges, and a horrible nazi-type fell just short of 50% to win the presidency outright – amidst charges of truly massive election fraud.  This is an extremely worrisome situation.

    And I am very glad, indeed, that he mentions Saudi Arabia – the most putrid, repressive government on earth, whose “prince” is committing genocide in Yemen WITH U.S. MILITARY ASSISTANCE and furthermore helped fund and weaponize the extremist jihadis in Syria, along with the CIA and Israel.  But Bernie fails to mention who sold our best weapons systems to Saudi Arabia:  Hillary Clinton, in a very dirty deal in exchange for Saudi millions to the Clinton Foundation.   So Bernie’s analysis is incomplete.  It lacks some of the crucial linchpins of the failed “status quo” that he says is the reason for the rising “axis” of authoritarian movements.

    There is a reason for these holes in his analysis.  They are too dangerous.

    I also have to lament his reference to the absolute absurdity called “Russiagate.”  Bernie is a very smart man.  He has to know what shit that is.

    Also, I’m uncertain about his use of the word “axis” – “the axis of authoritarians” – because, frankly, it echoes Bush-Cheney’s warmongering “axis of evil” speech.  It tends to create an “us vs them” mind set.  I don’t think Bernie means it that way, but it does have that resonance – the virtuous United States championing “freedom and democracy” against the bad guys.

    I am very glad that he does NOT mention President Assad/Syria and President Maduro/Venezuela.  I hope it means that he is finally grokking those situations for what they are (massive U.S. interference, funding war against the first, and inflicting massive economic war against the second).

    Bernie is eloquent on his vision of world peace, on a worldwide solidarity movement of working people and poor people, on his desire to chuck our “failed status quo” and create a decent life for all, his graceful acknowledgement of “greening” efforts in Europe and China, his passionate call for world unity on climate change, and he is eloquent on his desire to replace hatred and division with “unity, inclusion and love.”

    It’s a fine speech, all in all.  I think he is navigating the swamp very well.  Even the flaws and holes in his speech are heartening in that sense.

    – – –

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