John Kuczwanski killed in Tallahassee road rage incident

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      Good riddance to bad rubbish.

      The sources said the incident began after Kuczwanski’s BMW drifted out of its lane while heading north on Thomasville Road. That’s when the BMW hit a white Prius.

      Both cars pulled into a parking lot. The driver of the Prius confronted Kuczwanski about hitting him, the sources said. The Prius’ driver then returned to his car to wait for law enforcement’s arrival after confronting Kuczwanski. That is when, according to Florida Politics’ sources, Kuczwanski rammed his BMW into the Prius on the driver’s door, and began pushing the car sideways in the parking lot.

      Kuczwanski then shot a gun at the white Prius, according to the sources. The Prius driver drew a gun and fired back into the windshield of Kuczwanski’s BMW. Kuczwanski was hit and killed, according to the sources.

      The driver of the Prius then exited their vehicle on the passenger side and took cover not knowing if Kuczwanski was about to fire back.

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      I had to look up who he was, but that’s absolutely ridiculous.

      Only in America.

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      Which also involved a gun.

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      I had read that there are two recent trends. One, an increase in homicides. Two an increase in auto deaths. I drove OTR for about 9 years so I observed a lot of traffic before I retired. Even with the very limited driving I do now, it’s clear to me that there is a significant increase in road rage incidents. When I observe outrageously reckless driving in moderately heavy to heavy traffic on the local interstates here in FL, it almost always involves two cars, so I think it is usually an expression of road rage, some sort of dominance competition playing itself out. The collisions or worse are not far behind.

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