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  • leftcoastmountains (3301 posts)
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    John Oliver Debunked By Real Journalist

    Published on Oct 28, 2016
    John Oliver attacked Jill Stein with reckless unfunny smears that included criticizing her for suggesting quantitative easing could be used to alleviate student debt. Legendary journalist Robert Scheer, who wrote The Great American Stick Up, a book about the banking system, weighs in on the reality of how quantitative easing really works.

    Jimmy Dore breaks it down.

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    #CalExit #Trumpdoesn'tpaytaxeswhyshouldwe

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  • Peace13 (975 posts)
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    1. Wow, I didn't think I could listen to John Oliver for one more minute but..

    ..this piece was good. I would love to know if there has been any other blow back on him. Oliver was so ballsy to plant this piece.  I used to enjoy John but I am over him. Stewart is the last of the free thinking comedians. That is probably why he distanced himself from the corporate platform.

    Thanks for this.

    Life's too short to vote for immoral warmongers.
  • GreedKills (466 posts)
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    2. And I was worried

    last week that Jimmy might of been muzzled…………… go Jimmy go!!!!!!

    We could of had people in the street celebrating a Sanders victory...........  #FreeJulian