Judge Finds Oregon Gov. Browns Stay Home Restrictions "Null and Void" for Religious Gatherings

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    Snort McDork
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    A Baker County judge on Monday ruled that Gov. Kate Brown’s restrictions on religious gatherings as well as her other “Stay Home Save Lives” coronavirus orders are “null and void” because they exceed a 28-day limit.

    Less than three hours later, the governor’s office appealed to the state Supreme Court to keep her emergency orders in effect.

    “This will ensure we can continue to safeguard the health of all Oregonians — including frontline health care workers, those living in nursing homes, workers in agriculture and food processing plants, and Oregonians with underlying health conditions –– while the legal process moves forward,“ she said in a statement.


    So does this means all the White-Wing nut cases will start spreading virus germs to their congregations?

    But this is in Baker Co. Seems to me this should not effect the larger counties like Multnomah County covering Portland, or Lane County in Eugene. But if the religious nuts want to spread this among themselves, have at it. Just stay away from the rest of the “clear” thinking populations.

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    I can see why the court would rule in favor of the religious institution in this case because they can make the claim that gathering together in worship is an essential requirement of their faith, thus the stay-at-home order would represent a serious infringement on their civil liberties – i.e. it’s preventing them from practicing their faith, and that would violate the Religious Freedom clause.

    Were one to argue that the religious leaders that brought this to the court were not acting in the best interests of their congregations by trying to force open the churches for religious services, because of the very real threats to their health and well-being, then I would be inclined to agree with such an argument.   For my own part I don’t believe in any god.  However, were I to suppose the existent of such a god that these congregations are presumed to worship, I would also suppose that such a god would not want his believers to sacrifice their health or lives in order to adhere to tradition.


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    Bernie Boomer
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    would be the argument, wouldn’t it? My understanding is that assembly had/has more to do with civil gatherings in public spaces (demonstrations, etc).
    Doesn’t much matter – the courts have landed on the side of the 1st more often than not.
    Sad. With any luck, they’ll only kill/permanently disable each other and not the sane portion of the local population.

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    States are divided into judicial districts, as I remember. I don’t think the judge in Baker, the eastern part of the state, can make a ruling that covers the whole state.

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    Sounds like God needs some more people in heaven – maybe to build a new throne for him or something.

    Unless they’re going to the Other Place.

    Or unless it’s all just a big fable.

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      Mr. Mickeys Mom
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      … and to die by, which by itself would be fair enough, provided that every individual in attendance could understand what they are enabling when he/she becomes a vector for the virus and ends up harming someone else. Then, it goes to court again.

      Karma wins, I guess. I think it’s fucking insane to go through all of this when it’s tithing that the church usually wants (they already get free real estate), which they can’t get as easily when they have virtual services. I mean…. how close to you have to be to know God these days, folks?

      Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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    Captain Arizona
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    The shutdowns in democratic controlled states are to draconian in some states. Some democratic politicians think what is the maximum we can get away with in shutting every thing down. People are getting fed up being told shut everything we can down or people will die of the virus. Food banks are open go their! We lost two congressional seats last week because voters couldn’t vote against the democratic governors of ca. and wi. Trump is now at his highest level in cnn poll causing them to have a nervous break down on the air. Chris hayes tells black pollster he can’t understand why trumps poll numbers are so high? Why don’t they hate trump like we do here at msdnc! Democrats as chris coumo said tonight are becoming the party of NO!

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    Every time someone wants to order you not to do something they say “it’s for your safety” because that shuts down all conversation. I’ve heard that used to justify double bagging a loaf of bread – I suppose that if the first bag ripped I could drop it on my foot? “safety” is so misused and so abused that when it is a legitimate issue it is rebelled against. Banning large assemblies during a pandemic is the only sane thing to do, but after years and years of little Hitlers yelling NO!!! about everything from seat belts to snowball fights to blowing on dandelions its no wonder that people assume Gov. Brown just doesn’t like to see people praying.

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    Snort McDork
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    Portland, Eugene, or Medford would still have to follow the Governors order-not Baker County.


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