Julián Castro officially announces 2020 presidential bid

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      San Antonio (CNN)Former secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro officially announced his presidential bid in San Antonio on Saturday, beginning a campaign that will look to turn his uniquely American immigrant story into a direct repudiation of President Donald Trump.


      “When my grandmother got here almost a hundred years ago, I’m sure she never could have imagined that just two generations later, one of her grandsons would be serving as a member of the United States Congress and the other would be standing with you here today to say these words: I am a candidate for President of the United States of America,” Castro said.

      His identical twin, Rep. Joaquin Castro, will serve as his campaign chairman, according to a campaign press release provided to CNN.

      Castro, the former mayor of San Antonio, had been considering a bid for nearly two years and announced a presidential exploratory committee in December. He has long been viewed as a rising star in the Democratic Party since he first landed on the national scene by delivering the keynote speech for President Barack Obama at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

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      What a surprise!!!  A New Democrat running on the Beat Trump! issue!

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      Hispanic Hillbot. The Democrat version of Ricky Rubio.

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      Looks like the primary debates will be a mob scene.   Will the candidates be limited to one 2 minute comment so everybody gets a turn?

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      “almost a hundred years ago” ÷ “two generations later” = wat?

      and, great, with twins running they’ll accuse Sanders voters of geminophobia now: “we’ve had 45 singleton presidents, why not try someone (or two) new?”

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      If Robert … (er “Beto”) was white Obama, this gem is brown Obama.  He’ll try to win over the anti-Trump crowd with his “I am Mexican, hear me roar (in English)” schtick.  He’ll wax poetically about how he and his twin brother are poster children for America’s promise and how his “abuelita” could never have dreamed of where their hard work and ambition has taken them etc. etc.

      Absent from all of this will be any mention of the good works he accomplished as mayor or HUD secretary.   Like Mr. Hispanic – Henry the Cisneros – before him, Julian will rise on the backs of millions of aspiring Mexican-Americans and provide the back of the hand after he is elected.  There is not ONE SINGLE REASON that can be put forth as to why these two grifting clones should be given consideration.  His brother, the congressman; is an ineffectual lackey to the car magnates and oil barons.   Much like Hillary and Bill, the twins bros are a dynamic grifting duo whose only impetus is filling their pockets and have spent and will spend their time in office in defense of the service to the millionaires and billionaires.

      We have gone from a faux Mexican being the darling of the neoliberals to a faux Mexican being the darling of the neoliberals because even though he has the genetic material for it, he has no grasp of what it means since he could never carry a conversation with the people that Trump is victimizing without a translator.  Likewise he could never carry a conversation with the multitude of poor people who populated his neighborhood before, during, and after his tenure as councilmember and mayor since his privilege and entitlement does not allow him the necessary empathy.

      It is very apparent that the sole motivator of these two is how high they personally can fly while enabling a system of oligarchy that punishes the people who would support these opportunists in their quest for personal wealth and fame.  You never see the numbers of impoverished constituents decline under the efforts of these two bums.  Like Obama before them, if elected they will only swell the numbers of disaffected and disenchanted so that IF they win, we are sure to see another Trump because like the barbers who voted for Obama, the millions of spanish speaking, tortilla eating followers will be too disappointed and depressed to even bother.


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      Another corporate owned subsidiary.

      I don't waste my time teaching pigs to sing.

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      Good! The more corporatist candidates to divide their support, the better.

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      Julian Castro! How exciting! We can all die in peace now.

      All governments lie to their citizen's, but only Americans believe theirs.

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      Looks like SHAFTA Tommy is going to get the clown car he wanted. And the Castro brothers literally look like clowns, so it’s fitting that one of them is in the car.

      "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". - John F. Kennedy

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