July 11, 2020 Green Party will select it’s candidate for 2020

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      This week Governor Ventura made it clear that he wants to run for President of the United States – the question is whether that happens as an independent write-in candidate or through nomination by a third party. These recent comments are in line with what Governor Ventura has previously stated: as a strategic move any presidential run of his would begin in July of the election year.

      To secure Governor Ventura the most effective route to the Presidency possible, we are petitioning the Green Party of the United States to draft the Governor as their nominee at the Green Party National Convention in July.

      The Green Party of the United States has the ballot access and Jesse Ventura has the guts it’ll take to win. The people are ready for an uprising, but we can’t do it alone.  If the Green Party won’t stand with the people and choose a nominee who will actually fight for us and the planet, then what are they doing?

      Less than fifteen thousand votes have been cast across the entire primary thus far. Governor Jesse Ventura is perfectly poised to lead a much needed third party with his broad populist appeal for those frustrated with the anemic responses of Washington to national and global crises. The 2020 election presents a turning point for the nation. Ventura is the best chance we have to revitalize the electorate, have a third party candidate participate in the debates, and win the Presidency in November.


      I haven’t signed anything or done anything but will be watching/waiting on July 11. These people seem to think Jesse has a chance.  One of them was on  George Galloway today. 

      vote for nobody

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      Jesse Ventura is not running for president.

      Jesse Ventura
      Jul 5, 2020
      Thank you for your support but I’ve said repeatedly that I am not running & the reasons why I can’t. #stayvigilant

      Not only is he not running for president, but the Green Party primaries/caucuses/state conventions are over. Everyone already voted and delegates are already pledged to vote for actual candidates based on the results of the primary.

      There’s no way that the convention will throw away all the votes of all the state parties and nominate someone who interviewed Alex Jones on his conspiracy TV show about how global warming is a hoax.

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      Ventura has endorsed the Green Party platform.  This is just my opinion, but if the delegates are good with Ventura running, and bringing more recognition to the Green Party, then Hawkins running is just sort of a vanity thing.  IMO.  Because Howie would likely not get as many votes as Jill Stein did.

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      Jesse Ventura couldn’t even beat Howie Hawkins in the Green Party Primary. What makes you think he could get more votes than him in the general? If there was such a passionate upswell of support for Ventura, it really would not have been that hard to register a bunch of people as Greens and win enough primaries to secure delegates.

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