Just BREATHING spreads COVID-19!

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      We were all told coughing and sneezing were the culprits for spreading Covid-19. Now we learn all it takes to spread the virus is merely breathing.

      Out in public, I wouldn’t even consider not wearing a mask. And would never lower it to expose my nose.

      Saw this video title on YouTube

      ‘Doctors warn Coronavirus spreads more easily than first thought. ”



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      Who to believe?   The snow-flake scientists or the Magnificently Bigly Master Epidemiologist in the White house?



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      Cold Mountain Trail
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      huh?  i always assumed it was spread via breathing (including coughing and sneezing).  same as most airborne viri & bacteria are, n0thing special and nothing new or unusual.

      coughing and sneezing just expels air/moisture-borne infection more forcibly/longer distances and also may indicate a more active infection.

      if people thought different its because the media/the govt isn’t doing a very good job of communicating

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      Red Cloud
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      Stop breathing for a day and see if you stop spreading CV-19!

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      a little weird
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      Basically any air that comes out of someone’s mouth can spread the virus – coughing and sneezing can just spray it farther.

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      that was heavily criticized the moment it appeared. Other ‘studies’ have been using mechanical aerosolization, the conditions for which aren’t possible with a human mouth. A mask would be useless against this type of transmission anyway, because the virus material would go around the fabric and even right through it. The N-95 respirator has a 70% efficacy, meaning under ideal laboratory conditions with a perfect fit, which don’t exist in the real world

      Dementia, diabetes and cardiovascular disease are the main risk factors. Anyone with these conditions or a depressed immune system for whatever reason, should be quarantined, and should wear a mask when interacting with others. Obviously, anyone with symptoms should stay home, which everyone would be able to do, if managing a health crisis was actually prioritized by our society. People with healthy immune systems are at little to no risk of death.

      The fear-mongering is for maintaining anxiety and uncertainty in the population for political reasons.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      Of course breathing spreads it. Yelling or singing spread it a foot or two further because air is being exhaled with greater force. The virus seems to spread more efficiently when it is airborne in droplets of saliva or whatever than it is on its own. It also only attaches itself to mucous membranes.

      That’s probably why the Japanese got it under control just by masking and a little bit of social distancing. And one reason it spreads in large gatherings of people is that that is typically where there is more yelling or singing.

      But that’s no reason to panic or dramatize it. It still ain’t smallpox or polio.

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