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    Justice Democrats: Bye Bye Joe Manchin

    Joe Manchin first got elected to his West Virginia Senate seat with a TV ad in which he fired a rifle and shot a bullet through Barack Obama’s climate change legislation. As a Democrat.

    For reasons only known to Chuck Schumer, Manchin was awarded this year with a spot in the Senate Democratic Leadership.

    Since then, as a leader of the Senate Democrats, Manchin proceeded to vote for more of Trump’s cabinet than any other Democrat. He even voted for Jeff Sessions for Attorney General and Steve Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary.

    Now, according to the Washington Post, Manchin was part of a Senate leadership meeting where senators asked Bernie Sanders to stop activists from holding Democrats accountable at town halls. Manchin said:

    “Bernie has a voice, and if [protesters] want to be active, then direct them to where the problem may be or where they anticipate a problem.”
    Joe: you ARE the problem. You voted for a racist to be our Attorney General. You voted for a Goldman Sachs executive to be Treasury Secretary. And you have no place as a member of Democratic leadership in the Senate.

    We need to send an unmistakable message to Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Democratic leaders in the Senate: Joe Manchin needs to be booted from Senate Democratic leadership immediately. Add your name to our petition to Senate Democrats now.


    Manchin’s tenure in the Senate has been predictable for someone who got elected by shooting a bullet through signature legislation of his own party’s president.

    He is anti-abortion. He was the only Democrat to vote against repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and didn’t vote for the DREAM Act. He supports the Keystone XL pipeline.

    Manchin probably thinks that West Virginians will like his support for part of Trump’s agenda. He maybe thinks Republicans won’t target his seat anyway when he’s up for re-election in 2018.

    He may bet that Chuck Schumer will put up with all of Manchin’s garbage votes so long as he casts a vote for Schumer as Senate leader. And Manchin may end up being right on all of that!

    But the Democratic Party is at a moment of crisis. We need leaders who will unequivocally stand up for core Democratic values, and who will not hesitate on tough votes to do what’s right.

    Joe Manchin deserves no place in Senate Democrats’ leadership. And we need to make sure Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Senate Democrats hear that message loud and clear.

    If you agree, add your name to our petition to say that Joe Manchin needs to be removed from leadership in the Senate.

    If we are successful in removing Manchin, it will send a very clear message that Senate Democrats truly value the party’s principles. Let’s make it happen.

    In solidarity,

    The Justice Democrats Team

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