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    Justice Democrats: We came right out of the gate — too strong!

    Most recent email from Justice Democrats:


    We came right out of the gate — too strong!


    It’s been less than a month since Justice Democrats launched, and we are charging like a raging bull! Let’s look at what we’ve accomplished together in 26 short days:

    We’ve raised $493,278 and counting from over 24K individual contributions. That’s an average donation of $19.34 and about $18,972 per day! That’s gonna make the donor class nervous–as well it should.


    Haven’t contributed yet? Kick in a few bucks and tell the establishment we’re coming for them.


    And we are definitely coming for them.

    So far, our 128K supporters have sent us thousands of nominees to consider for the Justice Democrats platform. We received so many, in fact, we decided to partner with Brand New Congress to evaluate them all.

    Partnering with BNC makes a ton of sense, even if our end games are slightly different. Right now, both groups are laser focused on taking back Congress from this compromised class of partisan hacks. BNC has built up the infrastructure to evaluate nominees and help prepare them for what is sure to be a vigorous campaign. By working together, we’re able to leverage our strength and accomplish even more.

    Jointly, BNC and JD have raised over $850,000. Our combined candidate pool currently has over 7,000 nominees with hundreds of fantastic candidates already identified. In fact, we’ve identified 57 districts where Bernie Sanders’ supporters alone can win the race for our candidate.

    Democrats have a credibility problem…no, a credibility crisis. We are going to reform the DNC and restore its credibility as the party for working people. The only way to do that is to take the party over–and the biggest gate we can storm is Congress.

    Right now Congress is failing in their Constitutional duty as a check on Executive power. Congressional Dems have proven they lack the will to stand up to this administration, so we will replace them with people who do. Thanks to you guys and this amazing first month, we’re off to a great start.

    But this is just the beginning. It’s going to take hundreds of millions of dollars, thousands of volunteers and a full time staff to make this happen.

    We’re asking you to do two things:

    1) Make a small donation today to keep the revolution going.
    2) Forward this message to five friends and ask them to join our cause.

    In the coming weeks, we will be looking for volunteers to help organize local events and attend townhalls. Watch this space for updates and help us make a show of force when the time is right.

    We’re putting Congressional Dems on notice: Enjoy your last term. Your services are no longer required.

    Yours for the revolution,

    The Justice Democrats Team


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