Kevin Zeese: RIP

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      This is a great loss to peace activists everywhere, Maryland Greens, etc., etc.   – just heard about this and am posting the link from

      Tributes here:

      Counter Punch Article from David Swanson

      Kevin Zeese was a major constant reliable presence in the movement for peace and justice. He used writing, editing, online and all other forms of communication. He organized events, protests, occupations. He risked arrest. He ran for office. He was an attorney and used the courts and shared his expertise. He thought independently. He acted collaboratively. He maintained good relations with those he disagreed with — even those he disagreed with over that most disagreeable of topics in a collapsing oligarchy: elections.

      Kevin and his partner in recent years Margaret Flowers combined art, civil resistance, music, journalism, radio, and coalition building to cross issue areas and energize. Losing Kevin is a horrible blow, but nobody can say he didn’t put his time to good use. Nobody can say that if thousands followed his lead we wouldn’t have a world transformed. Nobody can say that he didn’t make a major difference, exposing injustice and changing public policy and culture for the better.

      The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.....Martin Luther King '63

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      Before there was Occupy Wall Street, there was the October 2011 Coalition, which had planned to occupy D.C. to protest the 10th anniversary of the disastrous invasion of Afghanistan.

      But between the summer of 2011 when the October 2011 Coalition was announced and October when it was supposed to take place, Occupy Wall Street began. As a result, the role of Kevin Zeese and the October 2011 Coalition in those turbulent times has often been lost in the shuffle.

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