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Home Main Forums 2018 Elections Kinda laughing at Hillary bro's new found love for large crowds

  • frylock (1474 posts)
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    Kinda laughing at Hillary bro's new found love for large crowds

    I remember a few short months ago when crowd size was indicative of nothing.

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  • Mom Cat (15002 posts)
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    1. Good one! Size matters, except when it doesn't!

         NEVER FORGET      BERNIE WON!          
  • Arctic Dave (1079 posts)
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    2. LOL. Exactly.

    Trumps crowd size for his quinceanera is paltry and surely has nothing to do with him being a douchebag.

  • TRex (3574 posts)
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    3. Hillbots act like Freepers.

    There I said it.

    Oh sweety, no just no, when I or those of us here talk about the ultra rich - it is NOT you! Not you by a longshot, oh my God did you think...no way you actually thought we meant you? Lord, this country is full of rich stupid people and you seem to be one of the worst. No sweety, you are just a low paid pawn to those ultra rich we talk about. They are wrecking the world, you are an enabler and I understand not being able to sleep at night. I wouldn't either, selling out our future. You have kids right?