Krystal Ball: Lib writer says she'd vote Biden if he 'Boiled babies and ate them

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      Now, if he ate them raw, that would be too much.

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      If you barbeque them they taste like chicken

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      Because Fancy Nancy and Chucky and the rest of the DNC say so? It isn’t like we had a fair and open primary where people were given choices. Biden wins one questionable state (which never votes D in the General) and everybody bows out and endorses him. I remember there were several people running who had good numbers against Trump, with Bernie being the leader but not the only one. Somebody needs to ask why the DNC was so fixated on Biden and why he can’t be replaced even now. He hasn’t been nominated.

      There needs to be pushback against the Dem leadership for their colossal fuckup. (I’m not saying I would vote for whomever they choose to replace dementia Joe, but sheesh, he is the bottom of the barrel).

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        is that they were all collectively dropped off on some undeveloped island in the ocean, surrounded by big water, and denied any technology for communications. Embargo their island, too, with the very military equipment they so love, and only allow the bare necessities for living. Anything less, and they won’t change their ways.

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      Much less time for them to build up all the toxins that American adults carry with them. Plus they are tender!!

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      After all, Trump is worse than anything imaginable.

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      for every Dem that can square the circle of accepting Biden’s horribleness, there’s gonna be 5 independents who can square the circle of Trump

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      HalfCentury Man
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      He adopted Bernie’s full platform?

      If he said he would repeal the Tellicommunication of 96 and all subsequent media legislation?

      If he campaigned full force for states to adopt’s agenda?

      If he advocated for the complete withdrawl of all landbased military forces from other countries?

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        1. The Star Trek mirror universe thing happened again, and you’re talking to “Evil Joe” (who of course, is actually NOT evil at all, because the Joe of this universe has the evil agenda all wrapped up.) Check for a goatee!!
        2. It’s April 1. And since we’re already in late May, we can rule that one out.
        3. If you saw “Joe” say this online, it might be a Deep Fake video. If you somehow saw him say it live (which would be difficult, as he hasn’t been seen in person since the last debate with Bernie) check very closely for a “Mission Impossible” style latex mask.

        "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". - John F. Kennedy

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      1. Despite vigorous dissent by those who are paying attention, we are led into war under bogus pretexts (e.g. avenging 9/11, fighting terrorism, preserving democracy, rescuing the oppressed)

      2. Once it’s a fait accompli, many of the same pundits who were beating the war drums sheepishly admit that they were misled.

      3. Yet when dissenters point to these admissions and shout “We kept trying to tell you!!”, the seemingly repentant former warmongers reply, “Yeah, but we can’t just cut and run!”

      That’s where we are with Biden. He was forced on us by a rigged system and now that he’s taken to be the presumptive nominee (although even that is deliberately misleading), some pundits are reluctantly admitting that he’s a deeply flawed candidate. And when those of us who’ve been cautioning against him since the beginning point this out, we’re basically told the political equivalent of “Yeah, but we can’t just cut and run”: We need to play with the hand we’ve been dealt, they tell us, as though the blatant rigging of the primaries was the product of  actual democracy or some sort of act of God that we are powerless to do anything about.




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      Katha Pollit? I used to read her years ago. I didn’t think she was that stupid back then. Wow.


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      Babel 17
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      This is what many supporters of Her, Hillary Clinton, did in 2016, and it partly explains why they became unhinged by Her loss. They weren’t listening as the Clinton campaign performed horribly, nor did they listen to those explaining Clinton’s fatal liabilities, so they were very unprepared for Clinton’s loss to the mud wrestling carnival barker, Donald Trump.

      When the polls start showing that the voters are really noticing the diminished capacity of Biden, and that they’ve connected the dots that spell out that Biden exists as a candidate so as to make his administration a tool of the elites, to serve their desires, it will be too late to unplug their ears.

      If Biden ends up having to explain why he kicked Klobuchar to the curb, and ended up with an African American woman as his running mate, it could be “game over” sooner rather than later if he gets pressed hard on that during interviews. His remarks during the Charlamagne tha God interview with him are still reverberating, and in the end there might be important consequences to it.

      The icing on the cake was his false claim of always getting endorsed by the NAACP. How does one misremember that?

      In a recent interview, Joe Biden said the NAACP has always endorsed him every time he’s run. However, the NAACP confirmed with Heavy that they don’t endorse candidates as a non-partisan organization, although individuals associated with the NAACP are free to do so at a personal capacity. The President of the Georgia NAACP has also stated on social media that the NAACP does not endorse candidates. Read on to see exactly what Biden said and to read the NAACP’s statement.

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      Both are wrinkled and both are dead to me.

      But there is a famous old-schools-out rockstar who wrote about the positive aspects of dead babies. (Supposedly they are unable to remove stuff from shelves for instance!)

      Krystal Ball is voting for Biden? I am confused now. Is MSDNC looking for a pretty face to replace Russiagate Maddow?

      Speaking of Rachel Maddow:

      I used to like her too…back when she was only on the radio.

      It occurs to me that Rachel’s constantly screaming about the Russians coming or that they were already here may be something I should look into for litigation.

      Even though people didn’t believe my story about being  konked on the noggin by a bit of fallen sky, I actually risked serious legal consequences from folks for telling them to be on guard about further falling sky-bits!

      But unlike Maddow, I was eventually proven right about what took place and my further concerns for public safety were vindicated!

      Maddow otoh, scared the hell out of half the voters over something that was proven false and arguably SHE KNEW HER STORY WAS A FABRICATION!

      In essence: as JPR’s resident sky watching hero, I’m the best one positioned to point out that Rachel Maddow spent years hollering “FIRE” in a crowded building which induced half the folks to ran around with their hair on fire and the other half to see her and anyone listening to her as total idiots!

      So JPR: Let’s really put ourselved on the map by sueing the pants off of Rachel Russiagate Maddow for hollering FIRE in a crowded building.☺ (boy will SV be envious for not thinking about this one first)


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        Yelling fire in a crowded fire is a bad analogy. It came during an Espionage Act case used against a WW1 protester.

        He later changed his opinion due to the influence of Zechariah Chafee


        She probably exaggerated or got some facts wrong but she wasn’t reporting anything that wasn’t later revealed in the Mueller report. Not much evidence to of conspiracy but I highly doubt a lawsuit would be successful against her since OANN just lost their case.

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          Seeing as how she anchors a news desk I was never convinced that she wore pants anyway.

          In all serious, I may have misunderstand that Krystal Ball was voting for Biden.  I watch her regularly on YouTube.

          While she has never left me with any proof of who she may or may not vote for, I refuse to believe that she would vote for Trump and I seriously wonder if she could vote for Biden either.

          Again: I truly do not know what is in her head in regards to who she might or might not. vote for


          (btw: I never REALLY thought JPR should sue Maddow…it just sounded to me like a funny idea. I never expected anyone here to take me seriously. I often (maybe too often), love posting what I think are humorous responses. I suppose I should use some sort of sarcasm or snark alert to them. I will work on that in the future.)

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        …as I pointed out to JonLP above, I can not know what is in this lady’s head.

        I’d like to point out where my head is at.

        Over the years, many of my “Progressive” heros seem to have betrayed my Progressive ideals when they switched gears and promoted such nonsense as urging me to vote Blue No Matter Who, for Hillary or trying to convince me that Russiagate was more than what I knew it to be.

        For this reason I no longer listen to Stephanie Miller or Thom Hartmann.

        While long ago I did indeed pay attention to Rachel Maddow, that was when she was only on the radio. Once she went to MSNBC, I quickly lost interest in her.

        One thing that did come out of MSNBC for me was a man named Ed Schultz.

        While I sorta liked Shultz before he went to MSNBC when he was only a radio personality, (especially how he passionately promoted Unions), it wasn’t till after MSNBC and Ed split up that I came to fully appreciate the man.

        (Sadly Mr. Ed Shultz is no longer with us).

        I sorta like Jesse Ventura for similar reasons. His wrestling career was fun, his governorship was interesting but what happened between him and MSNBC has actually raised my respect for this man as well. (He and MSNBC had different agendas). I like  seeing his son follow in his father’s footsteps as a TV personality on RT’s Watching The Hawks as well.

        Ok so my point is: I like Krystal Ball, I catch her show quite often. Will she change and become a someone I choose not to listen to like Maddow, Miller or Hartmann? Time will tell.

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      Dragon Turtle
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      Uh chknltl Krytal Ball is referring to Katha Pollitt who is mentioned in the youtube description of the video

      Krystal Ball slams The Nation’s Katha Pollitt for writing she would, “vote for Joe Biden if he boiled babies and ate them,” given the importance of ending President Trump’s White House tenure.

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      –a first past the post election system.

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        Those that put party over principle. I actually have standards and the Democrats especially Joe Biden keep pushing how much I’m willing to accept. I have to be able to live with myself so I don’t care if Biden or Trump wins. I need to vote green party because Howie Hawkins is actually closest to me on a political compass.

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