Kyesten Sinema May Get Enema From AZ Voters

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      Snort McDork
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      Poll that was done by polling firm (according to Damage Report which is on my sh*t list) claims that only 22% of AZ voters would support her reelection in 2024. 66% say they will not vote for her because of her stand on the filibuster and hiking Min. wage.

      I hope this is true because she needs to be shown the door. So if she gets an enema from AZ voters, she deserves it.

      I'm Snort McDork and I approved this message.

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      NV Wino
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      I’ve never used the word, ‘grifter’, before, but the term truly applies to this individual. Did you see her pat Mitch McConnell on the back? Ugh! Any genuine liberal or progressive would consider him a bitter enemy.

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      state, or newly elected in another state.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      I’m sure we will hear about all-important committee assignments and the Supreme Court as a reason to support her in 2024, though.

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      than a back-stabbing “friend.”

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      B Calm
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      What a surprise, she turned out to be just the opposite!  6 long damn years and they can get rid of her!

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        Jim Lane
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        Earlier in her career she had been a progressive. While serving in the House, though, she shifted markedly toward the right. That was certainly evident to Arizona voters by the time of the 2018 election. An account in The New York Times of September 24, 2018 (link):

        To the frustration of many Arizona progressives, Ms. Sinema has shifted from a firebrand — she told The Arizona Republic in 2003 “that the real Saddam and Osama lovers were Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush” — to membership in the congressional Blue Dog Coalition, the most conservative group of House Democrats. Last year, she joined a small group of Democrats to back a bill that was promoted by President Trump and named for a woman killed by an undocumented immigrant, which would significantly stiffen penalties on migrants who illegally re-enter the country.

        In her current race, Ms. Sinema holds up Senator Joe Manchin III, a centrist Democrat from West Virginia, as one of her role models; goes to lengths to avoid criticizing Mr. Trump; and is focusing on priorities for veterans and law enforcement. She has featured her Marine-turned-police-officer stepbrother in one ad; another shows machine gun-equipped helicopters, aircraft carriers and images of troops high-fiving. “Security and strength,” the announcer intones, “whatever it takes.”

        “What she’s always been is not a centrist or a bold progressive but an opportunist,” said Tomas Robles, an immigration activist who said Ms. Sinema would not meet with his group. “She’s very smart about what the political climate is and where she wants to make her next move.”

        More detail on that theme in the article.

        The big question for 2024 is whether she’s miscalculated and moved too far to the right, so that a progressive might be able to beat her in the primary and then win the general. The big question between now and then is whether she’ll reassess the political climate and move back toward the left, especially by going along with at least some curbing of the filibuster. I agree with the assessment that she’s an opportunist. We can hope that her opportunism will work in our favor. For example, if she and Manchin will go along with carving voting rights out of the filibuster, then we can counter a lot of the voter suppression that the Republicans are doing at the state level.

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      If she does get the boot, it won’t be due to the DNC or Biden, which will back her to the hilt, since she IS the real democrat party now.

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