Largest wildfire Colorado has ever seen burning now near Fort Collins

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      A Colorado wildfire, fueled by high winds, grew by more than 22,000 acres Wednesday to become the largest in state history.

      The Cameron Peak Fire burning in the mountains west of Fort Collins had grown to 158,300 acres by Wednesday evening, making it the largest wildfire in state history, according to The Denver Post newspaper, which has compiled wildfire information.

      No injuries or deaths have been linked to the record-setting blaze, which is 56 percent contained.

      The fire was fueled by high winds that began Tuesday night and into Wednesday, with sustained winds of around 30 mph and gusts of around 60 mph, incident meteorologist Aviva Braun said. While it will be breezy the rest of the week, high gusts are not expected.

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      Holy crap!

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      Though the cost of housing was Reason Numero Uno. The sad thing is this shit’s just going to keep getting worse.

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      Yes, and the winds are going to increase through

      Saturday and no moisture in sight. Thus people in Ft.

      Collins will wear masks against the smoke rather than

      due to the pandemic.

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