Las Vegas’s new strategy for tackling drought – banning ‘useless grass’

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      The ban targets what the Southern Nevada Water Authority calls “non-functional turf”. It applies to grass that virtually no one uses at office parks, street medians and the entrances to housing developments. It excludes single-family homes, parks and golf courses.

      The measure will require the replacement of about 8 sq miles (21 sq km) of grass in the metro Las Vegas area. By ripping it out, water officials estimate the region can reduce annual water consumption by 15% and save about 14 gallons (53 liters) per person a day in a region with a population of about 2.3 million.

      The ban was passed by state lawmakers with bipartisan support and backing from groups like Great Basin Water Network conservation group and the Southern Nevada Homebuilders’ Association, which wants to free up water to allow for projected growth and future construction.

      When the ban takes effect in 2027, it will only apply to Southern Nevada Water Authority jurisdiction, which encompasses Las Vegas and its surrounding areas and relies on the Colorado River for 90% of its water supply.

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      Bernie Boomer
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      From a drought perspective, but that’s just going to make this place (I live in LV) more miserable and more ugly. LV is the only place I’ve ever lived where it can be (and sometimes is) hotter at 10pm than it was at 2pm because of the heat rebounding from the miles and miles of concrete and xeriscaping. I haven’t done the research, but I suspect that the majority of homes in Clark County/Las Vegas are xeriscaped (or just dirt). The water district has done an excellent job of encouraging folks to dig up their lawns over the years, with incentives of about $2/sqft to replace the grass with ‘desert landscaping’ (I’m unimpressed with their management, but that’s been an effective program).

      I don’t think grass is useless and it certainly brings back memories of greener places I’ve lived – but this is a desert and the drought isn’t going to go away. btw – I agree that humans probably shouldn’t live here (same could be said for other places) but several million do, so . . .

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      Las Vegas is taking better measures than most cities, but they will need to do better. Golf courses remain a serious problem. Rich people still plant huge lawns of green grass because they can afford it and it’s kind of a “fuck you” statement.

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        Bernie Boomer
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        Wealthy, gated, guarded enclaves are lush – but they are primarily built around golf courses or public green spaces (still an issue) strictly for the denizens of the enclaves.
        That’s the trade-off in the planned communities, as well. Postage stamp landscape areas for the houses, all xeriscaped in front, but generally a moderately nice, shaded park or walking path. I suspect some folks might try grass in their postage stamp back yards, though.

        It’s funny about golf courses – they are actually pretty water-wise. Most of them, like the casinos, keep things green by recycling their own water waste into gray water suitable for irrigation. That doesn’t mean they don’t use a lot of water. They do – just not as much as you might imagine.
        I’d say that all the golf courses need to go, but LV has very few parks, so the courses are pretty much the only thing keeping the area from concrete heat hell.
        And to answer a question you didn’t ask – yes, I would move in a heartbeat if I had the wherewithal to do it.

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      ….is almost as dumb as trying to open a ski resort in Hell.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      We should be planning on abandoning the place now, not trying to save something that simply can’t be saved.

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