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      The new Latest page is a real disappointment.  That’s my main surfing page and the cuts to functionality on that page really make the site almost useless to me now.  The biggest issue is that only the most recent few are shown, with no ability to page back through ones I’ve missed.  Also, no preview of the first line or two, no reference to the forum where the post came from, and generally more difficult layout severely impact the usefulness of the page.  I know y’all are working like mad on the new rollout and I have all the respect for that.  My comments come only from a place of love for JPR and disappointment that my go-to page isn’t that useful anymore.  Thank you for your consideration and all you do to make the site possible.

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      NV Wino
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      The latest posts show up there.

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      I found something that’ll allow the title and the forum it’s in. What you’re asking for will require custom coding.

      Custom coding is what caused the problems on 2.0… so we’re trying to stay away from that.

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      I know the kind of work that goes into this stuff and I’m always hesitant to post complaints. I just miss those features from 2.0 very much. I appreciate your efforts and anything you can safely/comfortably do to bring back some of those features would be very welcome. Thank you!

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      Flying Squirrel
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      Latest page was my go-to page. I can live without some of the extras but being able to page back was a big one. Otherwise I have to visit each individual forum and group to see if there’s something I missed!

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