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    Leading a Law to Extinction: Endangered Species and the GOP

    Leading a Law to Extinction: Endangered Species and the GOP

    In its first few weeks in power, the Trump administration has already targeted NASA, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Parks Service, and the USDA. Now they’re after the Endangered Species Act.

    The Endangered Species Act (ESA) was passed in 1973 to protect animal species that are under threat of extinction and to protect the ecosystems they live in. It was passed because Congress understood the importance of science, ecology, and the dangerous implications of losing precious ecosystems and species. This bill wasn’t just supported by the majority—it passed with a 92-0 vote. The Endangered Species Act is the greatest weapon protecting biodiversity against big corporations and political greed. For decades corporations and conservative politicians have threatened to defund, weaken, or repeal the act, but the current administration’s style and bent are proving a legitimate threat; according to the Center for Biological Diversity, in the last six years over 230 pieces of GOP-backed legislation have been proposed to undermine the ESA—now, with a Republican-controlled House and Senate, the fate of environmental protection is far more insecure.

    A common phrase heard from the Trump administration, usually in regards to the Affordable Care Act, is “repeal and replace.” The Endangered Species Act is no stranger to those words. In December Republicans proposed scrapping the act altogether and replacing with a “better” more convenient-to-their-agendas act.

    Over time, however, repealing the act has proven to be a challenge. Repealing such an act shows a blatant disregard for the beautiful living creatures and ecosystems of our planet, and truly reveals the greed of the lobbies and politicians in their pockets. So how could this act be changed less dramatically, but with similar results? The answer for Republicans seems to be to transform the law into something so useless that it becomes extinct itself.


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  • Octafish (3772 posts)
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    1. I got a better idea.

    Let’s repeal and replace the greedhead know-nothing do-nothing GOP and every single one of their toadie DEM enablers.

    That’ll be the quickest way to getting the planet on the path to sustainability.

    “Get the truth and print it.” -- John S. Knight
    • Judi Lynn (7182 posts)
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      2. It's the only way to rescue what's left of the world. The sooner, the better.

  • saneblane (158 posts)
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    3. Both parties are endangered spicies, the gop are just first up to bat

    They are getting one last chance to prove themselves and the GOP are failing miserably. Chavetz already got a taste when he tried to sell off public land with his bill when he returned home for his town hall. As it turns out, republican folks in Utah wasn’t happy and they had some words for him. Next they will repeal Obamacare and try to go after Medicare and social security, following the charge of  Ayn Rand Pupil Paul Ryan, and that would be the end of the Republican party as we know it.

    The Democrats would have been done too if Clinton won and she did all the things she promised to do in those emails. Like Privatize social security and much more. So the Democrats are next up to bat and have 1 last chance to regroup to face a population that have awaken to realize that they have no representation in Washington. They better pick Keith for DNC and if they don’t pick him Bernie better get off their ship, or they might take him under with them.