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  • polly7 (2614 posts)
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    Leaked Sec Kerry Audio that CNN & NY Times Tried to Hide — Confirms US Role in R

    Leaked Sec Kerry Audio that CNN & NY Times Tried to Hide — Confirms US Role in Rise of ISIS

    Jay Syrmopoulos January 4, 2017


    1. Secretary of State John Kerry admits and outlines the Obama administration’s primary goal in Syria was regime change and the removal of Bahar al-Assad.

    2. In order to accomplish the primary goal of regime change, the White House allowed the rise of ISIS. The administration hoped that ISIS’ growing power in Syria would force Syrian President Bashir Assad into a diplomatic solution, on U.S. terms, forcing him to cede power.

    3. As a means of accomplishing these two objectives, the U.S. intentionally armed ISIS and even, arguably, attacked a Syrian government military convoy to stop a strategic attack upon the Islamic extremists killing 80 Syrian soldiers.

    While many of these facts have been previously exposed through disparate research, the audio recording provides specific evidence that conclusively supports the regime change narrative being embarked upon by the Obama administration. Below is a quick video summary of how events have transpired over the years of conflict in Syria.


    As ISIS gained strength and grew into a fierce fighting force in Syria, the White House grew optimistic that their covert strategy of regime change was within reach. It was at this tipping point, that instead of succumbing to the regime change operation, Syria, being a client state of Russia, reached out to Vladimir Putin for military assistance and aid.



    Januarrrry 3 roundabouts 8:52in the evenin’ ·  (Sorry, I clicked something when I first created a FB account and everything I see is in pirate talk  )

    Leaked recording of John Kerry private meeting with anti-Assad Syrian representatives at UN in Sept, removed by CNN

    Full article:  http://thefreethoughtproject.com/leaked-audio-sec-kerry-reveals-us-allowed-rise-isis/

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  • polly7 (2614 posts)
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    1. Reality Check

    Ben Swann

    Decembarrrr 27, 2016 roundabouts 10:20in the evenin’ ·

     “These are not “freedom fighters” they are not looking to make Syria free, they are looking to enslave it.” Some media claim what I have been saying is untrue… here is the evidence it is true.



    • Sadie (3069 posts)
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      3. Thank you Polly

      The US has deceived the citizens as well as the world on this.



        Wake up, peeps, their kids go to Harvard and Yale; your kids go to Iraq & Afghanistan.   
      • polly7 (2614 posts)
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        5. Thank you for this Sadie.

        Vanessa Beeley is an absolute treasure.

        Great article and very informative links.

        • Sadie (3069 posts)
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          9. Follow the Money on White Helmets

          The White Helmets were established in March 2013, in Istanbul, Turkey, and is headed by James Le Mesurier, a British “security” specialist and ‘ex’ British military intelligence officer with an impressive track record in some of the most dubious NATO intervention theatres including Bosnia and Kosovo, as well as Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine. Le Mesurier is a product of Britain’s elite Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, and has also been placed in a series of high-profile pasts at the United Nations, European Union, and U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

          The origins of The White Helmet’s initial $300k seed funding is a little hazy, reports are contradictory but subsequent information leads us to conclude that the UK, US and Syrian opposition [Syrian National Council] are connected. Logistical support has been provided by given by Turkish elite natural disaster response team, AKUT.

          A further $13 million was poured into the White Helmet coffers during 2013 and this is where it gets interesting. Early reports suggest that these “donations” came from the US, UK and SNC with the previously explored connections to George Soros in the US.

          I find it fascinating that this is so obvious, yet the US keeps up with the charade, they have trained the media well.

            Wake up, peeps, their kids go to Harvard and Yale; your kids go to Iraq & Afghanistan.   
    • Cleita (2809 posts)
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      4. We really, as a nation, are not very good

      at playing Game of Thrones. We have to stop overthrowing foreign governments and installing new dictators because it doesn’t work out well in the end. Look at Iran, Egypt, Chile, Honduras, Libya and on and on. We are very bad at this.

      • zeemike (1239 posts)
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        6. Well that depends on the objective.

        If we take the stance that our government wants “freedom” and “democracy” for all those countries we have meddled in over the decades then yes it has been a failure. But I sugest that was not the objective at all but chaos was the objective because there is more opportunity to profit off of chaos than stability.

        So it may have worked out well indeed if that is the objective, which it seems to be to me.

        You see things; and you say “Why?” But I dream things that never were; and I say “Why not?”
        • polly7 (2614 posts)
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          7. I've believed perpetual war through permanent chaos

          has been the objective all along.  Agree with you that all who’ve participated seem to be quite good at achieving it.

          • LuckyDog (640 posts)
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            8. Hey, Polly7

            great to see you still here.  This is a devastating account and in the current state of events. Focus on the truth is essential.  Please know you are supported here.  Yes, Shock Doctrine and Disaster Capitalism has been the MO of the US and others for a very long time.  Remember, election rigging, assassinations and de-stabilization has been the mission statement of our CQIA since its inception by Dulles.

            Don’t ever leave.

            Your pluck and resource skills, and those of other active posters are big reasons I read this board.

            Non Illegitemus Carborundum

            just sayin

            • Mom Cat (15002 posts)
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              10. ^^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^^

              Thanks for all you do in bringing the truth about Syria and the US entanglement with Al Quida to our attention. :hug:   :yourock:

                   NEVER FORGET      BERNIE WON!          
              • Koko (4543 posts)
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                14. …!

                A vote from me for what you say…!

          • zeemike (1239 posts)
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            12. And think most people know it.

            But the fact that it has continued and even increased under the first black Democratic president makes them want to deny it…and in some cases even justify it like the right wing used to do.

            But in this time of universal deceit telling the truth makes you a revolutionary.

            You see things; and you say “Why?” But I dream things that never were; and I say “Why not?”
  • Bluesuedeshoes (2391 posts)
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    2. Throw him in prison… along with zerobama and a whole host of others

  • NVBirdlady (3773 posts)
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    11. Yay Polly7 you still here. Thanks!

    President Trump. Thanks DNC, HRC, DWS. #StillSanders. #NoDAPL  #NoKXL Giant Meteor 2020
  • sadoldgirl (1989 posts)
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    13. Thanks Polly. I hope you will stick with these kind of revelations, which

    we need. And, yes, chaos will always be used to make money for

    certain groups. While this is disgusting, we need to hear and see the truth.