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      When LeBron James described NFL team owners as having a “slave mentality” on Friday, it was his bluntest public swipe to date. Sure, James called President Donald Trump a “bum” last year, but that was just a tweet. Last week’s comments, aired on James’ HBO show The Shop, were sharp and unambiguous.

      James was referring to the NFL’s new anthem policy, which required players to stand for the national anthem or earn their teams a fine. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced the new protocol without consulting the NFL Player’s Association, which sparked furore among players, and thus the policy lasted just two months before being canned. The NBA, meanwhile, insisted its players follow a similar policy, yet it didn’t receive close to the same criticism.

      James’ comments highlighted the division of the NFL and the unity of the NBA and, underneath, the data shows the two leagues going in opposite directions.

      Source: The Guardian

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      the link to your signature image is actually pointing to your own hard drive on your computer

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        I did have two images from the 2.0 JPR, and frankly, I can’t find the other one of the cat who slides across the front door stoop and puts his nose right up to the camera.

        Thanks, SoS!!! 

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      He’s ignorant.  He thought “getting that Jewish money” was a normal thing to tweet?    Imagine being that well-traveled … and still that backward.  Imagine getting a free pass for it.

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