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    1. you're on the Spotlight!

    Thank you MistaP!

    948c8f248a Thank you DNC, Hillary Clinton, The Hillary Clinton Players, GOP, RNC and CrossCheck for Trump. Enjoy it while it lasts. The Revolution may not be televised but it's beginning. And we'll win
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    2. & remember OC, you can validly write in Bernie himself too – if you want!


    Don’t forget, for anyone who may wish to …

    You can validly vote for Our Candidates Themselves in California, Bernie + Tulsi.

    By filling in the ‘Write-In’ option rectangle on the ballot;

    + writing EITHER ‘Bernard Sanders’ or ‘Bernie Sanders’ (if you wish & haven’t voted as yet) on the blank line to its right –

    your vote WILL be counted toward Bernie for President and Tulsi Gabbard for Vice President as a W/I.

    It’s supposed to be posted at the polling places, too; & ……. let people know, if you’re inspired to!

    November 8, 2016, General Election
    Certified List of Write-In Candidates



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    3. It's blue now