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    Lil' Bit (puppy rescue by Dianne Forney, TX)

    My Lil’ Bit was dumped close to where I work with three of her siblings that we caught quickly, but it took me almost 5 months of daily visits, food and toys to capture this little one that was living on a golf course close by. There is an animal sanctuary between where I work and the golf course and I attribute the fact that she survived because of her small size. She’s been living with us since August 2011, living the life and rules the roost. She has two older rescue siblings now that are lab mixes and she thinks she’s as big as they are. The two she bonded with when I brought her home have since crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but she has adapted and brought so much love and spirit to our home. I don’t know what we would do without her in our lives.
    Forney, TX

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  • ThouArtThat (6166 posts)
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    1. Great Story – Thank You For Sharing


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    2. Wonderful story, thanks Steve. I visited our local Shelter yesterday where we

    brought in a stray kitty who appeared at our house for a few days, trying to get in. We took him in and kept him until the Shelter had room for him. We named him ‘Teddy’.  The Shelter has a great record of getting cats and dogs adopted and feel he will find a forever home once he’s ready for adoption.

    Would love to have kept him, but we have ten rescues we are still trying to adjust to living inside and some of the males were not too thrilled with a new resident.