Limits on gatherings make it a 'great time to be building a pipeline,' says Alberta energy minister

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      Alberta’s energy minister says it’s a good time to build a pipeline because public health restrictions limit protests against them.  Sonya Savage made the comment on the May 20 episode of a Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors podcast.   She was asked about progress of the Trans Mountain Expansion project, which is under construction on its route between Edmonton and Vancouver.

      “Now is a great time to be building a pipeline because you can’t have protests of more than 15 people,” Savage said…  While the interviewer laughs, Savage does not…

      “People are not going to have tolerance and patience for protests that get in the way of people working,” she said on the podcast, which was posted on the association’s website.  “People need jobs, and those types of ideological protests that get in the way are not going to be tolerated by ordinary Canadians…”

      Irfan Sabir, the Alberta NDP’s energy critic, called Savage’s comments more of the same from the government…”The UCP have already used the pandemic as an excuse to suspend environmental monitoring. When combined with the minister’s latest comments, this will harm the reputation of Alberta’s energy industry and inhibit our ability to attract investment and get our product to market.”

      A tweet from teen climate activist Greta Thunberg shared a news story about the podcast and noted, “Well, at least we are seeing some honesty for once… Unfortunately this how large parts of the world are run…”

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      I wish we didn’t allow lunatics and sociopaths to organize our societies for us. Ordinary working-class people would collectively make much better decisions about such things through a democratic process.

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