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    Lincoln native was at warehouse before deadly fire, relatives say (missing)

    By Alia Conley / World-Herald staff writer Updated 49 min ago

    A Lincoln native has been reported among the dozens missing from a deadly warehouse fire in Oakland, California.
    Nicole Siegrist, also known as Denalda Nicole Renae, is listed on online memorial pages as a missing person.
    Relatives said Siegrist was at the warehouse Friday night for a dance party. Authorities have said 36 people died during Friday night’s fire, but they expect the number to rise. Eleven victims have been identified.

    Siegrist’s mother, Carol Cidlik, is in Oakland and is in contact with authorities. Cidlik declined to comment Monday other than to say that the “outpouring of love and support is just amazing.”

    FULL story: http://www.omaha.com/news/nebraska/lincoln-native-was-at-warehouse-before-deadly-fire-relatives-say/article_6378d4c6-bb2b-11e6-895f-9fff3fa8571a.html

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