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    List of Berniecrats elected to office

    I’ve been comparing the list from berniecrats.net with the election results from Real Clear Politics. I’m probably not the best person to do this, but nobody else seems to have done it. I couldn’t see any senators or governors on our side, which makes the pool of presidential hopefuls small to nonexistent. Anyway, here are the results from the House. Sorry if I’ve missed any:

    • Raul Grijalva (AZ-3)
    • Chris Blake Wiggins (CA-37)
    • Bao Nguyen (CA-46)
    • Tulsi Gabbard (HI-2)
    • Jamie Raskin (MD-8)
    • Keith Ellison (MN-5)
    • Rick Nolan (MN-8)
    • Marcy Kaptur (OH-9)
    • Peter Welch (VT-At Large)
    • Pramila Jayapal (WA-7)
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    1. Thank you!


      Be the bird.....       Hey DNC! Up Yours! It's ON!!
    • nxylas (230 posts)
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      2. You're welcome

  • Samantha (595 posts)
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    3. It is a great start

    It will become easier as time marches on.  Thanks for giving us this info.


  • MistaP (4093 posts)
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    4. those are running Berniecrats: I know Nguyen lost by 40 points

    http://www.salon.com/2016/11/09/the-hillary-clinton-campaign-intentionally-created-donald-trump-with-its-pied-piper-strategy/ (Third Way = Bell Curve)
    • nxylas (230 posts)
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      5. Oops

      I must have misread the results.

      On edit: RCP lists CA-46 as a Dem hold, and writes the result in blue. But the actual figures say Nguyen 29.8%, Correa 70.2%. They need to change that, cos that could confuse a stupid person.

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    7. Not sure if he's a Bernista, but the mayor of Fayetteville, Arkansas,

    Lioneld Jordan, was just re-elected to his third term against two opponents, a former Walmart manager and a land developer. He was criticized by some for his positions for equal rights (among other liberal views), but the voters of Fayetteville rewarded him with a resounding victory– more than twice as many votes as his two opponents combined.

    Here’s a list of some of the mayor’s proclamations, which include Bike Day and Hiroshima and Nagasaki Remembrance Day


    The last time America was run like a business, we ended up with a Great Depression.
    • dreamnightwind (784 posts)
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      14. Very cool!

      A few years ago I did some research on places to move to where I could afford to live that also had acceptable cultures (I’m in northern California). I actually went to several such places, they were Boulder (great but not all that cheap), Eugene (also great) and Fayetteville.

      I timed the Fayetteville trip to coincide with a favorite musician of mine who was playing a club there (George’s? not sure).

      Anyway, that’s an awesome place. Really good people, conscious, very cheap compared to where I live, and welcoming. I would have moved there but was vetoed by my then-spouse. Congrats to Fayetteville for electing a good mayor.

      • Art from Ark (1924 posts)
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        15. That was probably George's Majestic Lounge, on Dickson Street

        just down the street from the university.

        The last time America was run like a business, we ended up with a Great Depression.
        • dreamnightwind (784 posts)
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          16. It was Chester's

          I just remembered it was called Chester’s, though there may have been another event at George’s, or maybe they have an interlocked history, it was Steve Kimock and he played about 4 shows in Fayetteville that weekend.

          I know you’re overseas now, but is Fayetteville where you’re from? Have always enjoyed your posts, nice to see you here.

          • Art from Ark (1924 posts)
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            17. I never heard of Chester's

            It probably went in after I had moved on.

            George’s, though, that’s been a Fayetteville institution like, forever. Not only among local college students, but high school students, too. My high school math teacher would titillate us with stories of “Wet T-shirt Night” at George’s, and I imagine lots of the boys dreamed of getting a fake ID so they could go to George’s and see her in a wet T-shirt. Ah, the ’70s.

            The last time America was run like a business, we ended up with a Great Depression.
      • Art from Ark (1924 posts)
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        19. You might be interested in this article about "one of the coolest towns in the SEC"


        The last time America was run like a business, we ended up with a Great Depression.
        • dreamnightwind (784 posts)
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          20. Thanks, cool story bro!

          I am going through the legal part of a divorce now (separated several years), and have another two years to get my kid through high school, then I can go wherever. I’ll definitely think of Fayetteville. I was born just down the road in Tulsa so even though I’ve spent my life in northern California, I have family out that way and it feels a little like home to me. I love northern California so if i can make it work financially I’ll probably stay here, having a hard time making it though.

          The weirdest thing to me was the fanaticism about religion and college football, can’t relate. Great people there though and I’m a musician who values a vibrant musical scene, so Fayetteville looks pretty good.

          Here’s a video from Chester’s Place of the same guitarist I went there to see (Steve Kimock) in an earlier band a few years before I was there. Good times!

          • Art from Ark (1924 posts)
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            21. The group I hung out with in Fayetteville didn't care much for either football

            or religion.

            The best place to meet people like that outside of the university (yeah, a lot of us students actually had no interest in the football team) was at the food co-op. A great place while it was still “funky”, but I was aghast to find out during my last visit that it has become “corporatized”. Instead of being housed in one of the quaint buildings in the downtown/university area, it moved out to a shopping center and lost its charm.

            The last time America was run like a business, we ended up with a Great Depression.
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    8. Out of the 22 that did win,

    at least half were incumbents not really expected to lose.  There was no way Grijalva would have lost AZ-3 in blue Pima county.

    Remember that Trump broke a historic glass ceiling.  He was not a senator or a governor and he proved he could win.  We need to stop thinking that our pool of candidates even on the national level has to be career politicians with law degrees. ;)

    When you hear people raising reasoned objections to Trump’s policies and appointments, odds are that you’re listening to the sort of thoughtful dissent that’s essential to any semblance of democracy, and it may be worth taking seriously. When you hear people criticizing Trump and his appointees for doing the same thing his rivals would have done, or his predecessors did, odds are that you’re getting the normal hypocrisy of partisan politics, and you can roll your eyes and stroll on. But when you hear people shrieking that Donald Trump is the illegitimate result of a one-night stand between Ming the Merciless and Cruella de Vil, that he cackles in Russian while barbecuing babies on a bonfire, that everyone who voted for him must be a card-carrying Nazi who hates the human race, or whatever other bit of over-the-top hate speech happens to be fashionable among the chattering classes at the moment—why, then, dear reader, you’re hearing a phenomenon as omnipresent and unmentionable in today’s America as sex was in Victorian England. You’re hearing the voice of class bigotry: the hate that dare not speak its name.  -- John Michael Greer
  • nxylas (230 posts)
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    9. There's a fuller list here


    Though frustratingly, it doesn’t allow you to filter by office the way the Berniecrats site does, so US representatives are lumped in with school board members etc. Not trying to do down people running for local office, but it would be nice to have that option.

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    13. Not sure if Berniecrat, but Maggie Hassan (D) took down Kelly Ayotte in NH



    Late call yesterday afternoon

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    18. I am so happy…..

    Even though I maxed out with Bernie and did much with Canova, I still gave a bit to quite a few on that list.

    Bernie didn’t win nor Canova but I still felt it was money well spent. I am retired so I can’t give much but I am consistent. I am saving my nickels and dimes for the next go round. Any windfall goes to ACLU, Mother Jones, Planned Parenthood, and Democracy Now.

    Why am I in this basket and where are those sparks coming from-do you smell smoke?