List of worker deaths in United States labor disputes

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    This is all important information to at least scan, to refresh memories, awaken people to the fact men and women gave their lives trying to improve working conditions in the U.S. after others were being worked to death, exploited beyond all reasoning by greed-driven sociopaths determined to become more powerful, wealthier than everyone else in their lifetimes, to grab, use up everything in reach before laws could be written to prevent their crimes:

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    The following list of worker deaths in United States labor disputes captures known incidents of fatal labor-related violence in U.S. labor history, which began in the colonial era with the earliest worker demands around 1636 for better working conditions. It does not include killings of enslaved persons. According to a study in 1969, the United States has had the bloodiest and most violent labor history of any industrial nation in the world, and there have been few industries which have been immune.[1]

    This list is not comprehensive. A number of factors (multi-sided conflicts, physically remote locations, company-controlled locations, exaggerated or biased original reporting, etc.) make some of the death and injury counts uncertain.


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    Watch Chaplin’s “Modern Times” brilliant and fun!

    ““The average American today is underpaid, overworked and stressed out as to what the future will bring for his or her children. For many, the American dream has become a nightmare.”." ~Bernie Sanders

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