LOE and SFFH are without internet

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      LandOfEnchantment and So Far From Heaven are currently without internet. They lost it late last night due to a storm.

      If there are any issues, I’ll take a look at them when I get home from work.

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      Still the prim censorship. Still people who cannot post an OP more than once in a forum or reply to replies. Lots of problems with trying to copy and paste anything from other sources into text boxes.

      At least I haven’t seen any complaints about CAPTCHA or being trapped in title boxes. So, progress is being made. Right?

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        Biggest issue is the hamster censorship. Gotta get rid of that.

        Eventually, get back to being able to post text without laundering, being able to post links directly without the tool, and getting the image tool back. Basically make it easy and simple to post for people and it will be great.


        Formatting improvements for the main page and latest would be good too, but not as big a deal to me.

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